Counter Service Under Scrutiny; Dining Table as Changing Table + More News

It’s safe to assume that it is never okay to use your dining table as a changing table.

Food and dining news from around the web and the world…

* New year, new food apps. Here are eight recommendations for ways to make your mobile device more delish. [Forbes]

* Eva Restaurant in Los Angeles still offers that 5% discount for checking your cellphone at the door. Do you dare to disconnect? [Huffington Post]

* Restaurants will get more social in 2013. Find out which social channels you should tune in to to follow your fave places. [NRN]

* From the ‘Parents Behaving Badly’ files: A woman changes her baby’s diaper on a dining table at a restaurant. [Detroit News]

* Is counter service all it’s cracked up to be? Hanna Raskin thinks not. [Seattle Weekly]

* There’s a chef who’s hazing his fellow chefs in a very odiferous way. Guesses? [Jezebel]

10 Things You Need to Know About Top Chef Seattle Episode 9

This is the sight that awaits this week’s knife-packer.

More than a few folks I know have given up on watching Top Chef this season, but we’re going the distance, if only because there aren’t many episodes left.

1. Hey! It’s Bob Kramer. Whom I have never heard of. But apparently he’s a Master Bladesmith. I’m never sure who determines these things when they are contemporary distinctions, but, okay. Master Bladesmith!

2. The QFC is actually interesting this week as it involves real knife skills — sharpening, doing tournage, and taking down a rabbit.

3. If you ask 10 chefs how to sharpen a knife, you will get 10 different opinions.

4. John Tesar can turn potatoes like the seasoned pro he is, but it was not enough to carry his team of three.

5. Micah wins the QFC, which yields him a $4,000 knife and immunity.Continue Reading

How Chefs Invent Iconic Dishes; Food Trends for the New Year + More News

[singlepic id=26 w=320 h=240 float=right]Food and dining news from around the web and the world…

* How do chefs invent a signature dish that withstands the test of time? Practice. Practice. Practice. [BBC Food]

* Everyone is looking ahead to the food trends that will define dining in 2013. Check out what writers in Milwaukee, Chicago, and New York think.

* You can help free the chickens in Chicago. For a while anyway. [Chicago Business]

* Restaurateurs: This is not the way to get a leg up on the competition. Maybe try a Groupon? []

* Bean counters, take note. Starbucks is the most expensed restaurant in the country. [Eater]

* From the ‘Moment of Zen’ files: Here’s a video of a man eating the entire Hobbit-themed menu at Denny’s. []

10 Things You Need to Know About Top Chef Seattle Episode 8

Bart Vandaele had the great misfortune of being paired with Josie in this week’s Elimination Challenge.

Does anyone else have a bit of a holiday hangover? Too much punch? Too many cookies? Well, I’m sad to report that last night’s episode of Top Chef Seattle won’t do much to settle your stomach, thanks to the awful antics of season 2 leftover Josie.

1. It’s pretty clear that everyone is hoping that The Josie Show is cancelled very soon.

2. In the restaurant business, if you call someone an —hole, it is forgotten the next day. Except when it isn’t.

3. Oysters don’t grow in Hawaii.

4. John Tesar grew up the son of a bayman on Long Island’s east end.

5. I cannot shuck oysters to save my life.

Thanks to Josie, John Tesar is in no way the most hated cheftestant on Top Chef.

6. Drago’s oysters are garlicky-buttery-cheesey awesomeness. I could probably consume 50 of them in one sitting.

7. Josie claims she’s been an athlete her whole life, which seems implausible.

8. Josie’s remarks to Micah about his sexuality were terrible and inexcusable.

9. I’m no Buddhist, but I’m pretty sure you’re not supposed to say “Namaste, b-tches.”

10. When you’re at judges’ table, it is best to discuss your food and your food alone, Sheldon. Do not take any lessons from CJ. Ever.