Introducing OpenTable Spotlight™: Delicious Deals on Meals

OpenTable not only saves tables — it saves money! We’re pleased to announce the launch of OpenTable Spotlight, our exclusive dining discount offers. Launching first in Boston and New York, OpenTable Spotlight will allow diners like you to purchase, typically, $50 of food and beverages at select restaurants for just $25 — a 50% discount.

We’ll reveal our first two Spotlight offers tomorrow at 5PM EST, but before then, we’ll drop a hint as to the restaurants’ identities. You’ll be able to share your guesses in the comments section of our Spotlight pages.

Get in on the action in Boston and New York — and stay tuned for the launch of OpenTable Spotlight in additional cities across the U.S. OpenTable Spotlight Introducing OpenTable Spotlight™: Delicious Deals on Meals

Top Chef D.C. Episode 7: ‘Poached’ Peas at The Palm D.C.

TCDC7 Just So You Know Top Chef D.C. Episode 7: Poached Peas at The Palm D.C.
Just so you know, if you ever stole my peas, I'd break your face, Alex.

Their numbers grow smaller each day, but the drama continues to build as” Top Chef” continues it’s cook-off in our capital. Kelly’s room is fast becoming a ghost town. Kevin is pleased with himself for his W, and Kenny remains convinced that the only reason he’s in jeopardy is because he’s too good. Also, he remains a self-proclaimed beast.

Angelo misses Tamesha and so do I. I loved her cussin’. He shines his shoes with tears of sadness and I’m wondering if those are jazz shoes or something. They look like it. Anyone? Tiffany may not have an opinion about his shoes, but she has an opinion of Angelo and it’s not good. She wonders, “Are you really helping me or are you trying to hurt me?” Smart cookie, that Tiffany.

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Top Kid-Friendly Restaurants: OpenTable’s 2010 Diners’ Choice Winners

Kid Friendly Restaurants 20101 Top Kid Friendly Restaurants: OpenTables 2010 Diners Choice WinnersAre you the proud parent of a foodie in training? Does your son or daughter enjoy dining out as much as you do? Picking a restaurant that will please everyone is easier than ever with the announcement of the national winners of OpenTable’s second annual Diners’ Choice awards for restaurants its diners deemed the most kid-friendly. The list of winning restaurants is derived from more than five million reviews submitted by OpenTable diners for more than 12,000 restaurants in all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

This year’s group of winners includes the charming (The Farm of Beverly Hills at The Grove), the elegant (Landmarc at the Time Warner Center), the historic (America), and the fanciful (Max Brenner) — as well as everything in between. From steakhouses to sushi restaurants, there’s literally something for everyone.

Read the full list to find out if your favorites made the cut this year.

Rob Kinneen of Orso Talks Sustainable Sourcing in Alaska with The Cultivated Plate

This week, we visit with Rob Kinneen, executive chef at ORSO in Anchorage, Alaska. Born and bred in Alaska, when the culinary arts beckoned, Kinneen headed to Hyde Park, New York, to hone his skills at the Culinary Institute of America. After school, he remained in the lower 48, cooking first in the Big Easy and then North Carolina. Even though Alaska has a reputation for self-sufficiency, the state imports 97% of its food, a statistic that makes Kinneen cringe. Now a champion of Alaska’s producers, Kinneen is working hard to make sure the Last Frontier isn’t the last state to embrace sustainability.

Watch as Chef Kinneen opens up to OpenTable about the agony and the ecstasy of trying to source responsibly in the 49th state.

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DC Restaurant Week 2010: Where Will the ‘Real Housewives of DC’ Dine?

Real Housewives of Washington DC DC Restaurant Week 2010: Where Will the Real Housewives of DC Dine?
Advice to the RHDC: Don't fill up on the bread during DC Restaurant Week.

August is shaping up to be one of the most exciting months in our nation’s capital, in great part due to the premiere of The Real Housewives of Washington, D.C. on August 5th and the eagerly anticipated arrival of Washington D.C. Restaurant Week on August 16th.

Insanely popular with the populace of D.C., D.C. Restaurant Week includes more than 200 restaurants offering multi-course lunches and dinners for $20.10 and $35.10, respectively. Get-them-while-you-can-tables include 1789, Bibiana, Bourbon Steak, Co Co Sala, J & G Steakhouse, Lyon Hall, Oya, PotenzaPOV, RIS, and Zaytinya, among many others.

At OpenTable, we’re wondering if the world’s latest round of housewives you’re going to love to loathe will take advantage of two of DC’s tastiest weeks. We’ve got a suggestion for each to whet their appetites!

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Top Chef D.C. Episode 6: (War) Games People Play

TCDC6 RWB Judges Top Chef D.C. Episode 6: (War) Games People Play
Does Gale's refusal to wear red, white, or a blue make her a pinko? The State Department will investigate.

I watched “Top Chef “up in Anchorage, Alaska, this week, and I realized midway through that, on account of the time difference, I could have gone online to find out who went home without watching. You probably already know that one of my faves, Tamesha, got her walking papers. But, wait, how did it come to this? Judging from what transpired, it was a mix of a bad dish and a bad alliance with the devilish (and devilishly good looking) Angelo.

The QFC…

Michelle Bernstein of Michy’s returns as a guest judge, much to the chagrin of fellow Miamian Andrea (who repeatedly winks at Michelle, making it look like she has a tic), and the ep kicks off with a ridiculous challenge (in the grand tradition of ridiculous QFC challenges). Seriously, is anyone else waiting for a nude challenge? Probably not. Blech. Sorry, I even typed that. Okay, how about a blindfolded cooking challenge? It’s coming. You heard it here first. Anyway, the cheftestants have to cook a winning dish with exotic proteins, including crocodile, rattlesnake, yak, duck testicles (!), and emu eggs, among others. It’s not terribly crazy (excepting Amanda having to open her emu eggs with a hack saw) until about 10 minutes into prep when the chefs are forced to switch places with the person to their left. A lot of folks get hosed by this last-minute prep shift, but some also score as they are able to abandon an undesirable ingredient for an easier one. Continue reading…