‘Eat Pray Love’ Food Stylist Susan Spungen Talks to OpenTable

The eagerly anticipated film Eat Pray Love starring Julia Roberts arrives in theaters on Friday, August 13, 2010. Based on Elizabeth Gilbert’s memoir of the same title, Eat Pray Love found an audience in foodies, many of whom are looking forward to seeing Ms. Roberts follow in Gilbert’s yummy “foodsteps” throughout Italy. The film’s food stylist, Susan Spungen, shared some of her experiences working on location, as well as a few of her favorite foodie things. A food editor and editorial director for Martha Stewart Living magazine for 12 years, Spungen’s mouthwatering work has also been featured in Julie and Julia and It’s Complicated. Watch our exclusive video interview and tune in tomorrow to find out how you can win dinner and tickets to Eat Pray Love for four.

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2010 Restaurant Weeks Continue to Add Sizzle to Your Summer

Summer is halfway over — or just about. But before you start getting the back-to-fall-weather blues, take advantage of the hottest weeks for dining out in cities all over the U.S. COOLinary in New Orleans and Miami Spice kicked off two-month long celebrations with steals on meals. Not to be outdone, Boston Restaurant Week begins on the 15th, followed by Dallas-Fort Worth/KRLD Restaurant Week and Washington, D.C. Restaurant Week on August 16. Alexandria, Virginia, joins in on the fun on August 20, running through August 29.

Remember to stay tuned for extensions, such as the fine foodies in New York have done, with NYC Restaurant Week now running until September 6, 2010!

And, keep checking our national Restaurant Week page to find out when your city is celebrating its dining scene.

Top Chef D.C. Episode 8: Brazilian Whacked

TCDC8 Padma Top Chef D.C. Episode 8: Brazilian Whacked
"Has anyone seen my other sleeve?"

With just nine cheftestants remaining, the herd is seriously thinning – and worrying.  Kelly promises to step it up and Tiffany sets her sights on winning some challenges. Alex denies all knowledge of Ed’s pea puree. Poor, spineless Ed isn’t angry (which he should be), but he is confused (which has me confused). This show needs some controversy. Note to casting agents: You need to cast better villains and we need more hook ups in future seasons.

The QFC…

Marcus Samuelsson, formerly of Aquavit and winner of “Top Chef Masters,” is this week’s guest judge. In the least surprising QFC ever, they’re asked to cook Ethiopian food. What is surprising (to me, at least) is how very popular Ethiopian food is in our nation’s capital. (Bethany, is that true? It must be if they said it on TV!)

Chef Samuelsson gives us a quick lesson in Ethiopian food. In a nutshell, it involves a spice blend called berbere, injera, a sour, spongy bread that acts as a delicious utensil, and spicy stews. With 90 minutes to cook, Amanda gravitates toward the goat. Fork-tongued Alex goes for the tongue. Angelo has an advantage as he’s well-versed in Ethiopian cuisine, and Ed and Kenny seem pretty comfortable with what they’re cooking as well. Some of the others, including Amanda and her goat, are sort of lost.

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OpenTable Spotlight: $50 for $25 at Metrazur in New York + Boston’s Ginger Park

It’s on! OpenTable Spotlight is shining bright in Boston and New York. Our now-not-so-secret-Spotlight-restaurants, Ginger Park in Boston and Metrazur in Manhattan, are offering OpenTable diners $50 worth of food and bev for just $25! The sale ends Thursday night, so buy now to dine at a discount later!

Read all about Charlie Palmer’s crown jewel in Manhattan’s grandiose Grand Central Station and take advantage of this great way steal on an amazing meal at Metrazur. And, don’t miss Patricia Yeo’s famed son-in-law eggs and much more at Ginger Park, which draws in diners from all over Boston.

And, of course, don’t forget to book a table at Ginger Park or Metrazur after you print out your Spotlight certificate.

Get a Clue! Guess This Week’s Secret Spotlight Restaurants

Secret Spotlight Get a Clue! Guess This Weeks Secret Spotlight RestaurantsAre you really excited to save big with OpenTable Spotlight dining offers? Is impatience one of your virtues? We’ve got clues to whet your appetite for the big reveals on deals tomorrow in Boston and New York.

Boston Secret Spotlight Clue #1: The chef at this hotspot in Boston’s South End learned her culinary techniques from both Bobby Flay and Malaysian street food vendors. Share your best guess here!

New York Secret Spotlight Clue #2: Dine under Midtown’s starry sky, where they’ve mastered the art of infusing classical French technique with American cuisine. Share your best guess here!

Stay tuned for more clues on Facebook and Twitter. And, sign up today so you can step into the Spotlight in your city.

Introducing OpenTable Spotlight™: Delicious Deals on Meals

OpenTable not only saves tables — it saves money! We’re pleased to announce the launch of OpenTable Spotlight, our exclusive dining discount offers. Launching first in Boston and New York, OpenTable Spotlight will allow diners like you to purchase, typically, $50 of food and beverages at select restaurants for just $25 — a 50% discount.

We’ll reveal our first two Spotlight offers tomorrow at 5PM EST, but before then, we’ll drop a hint as to the restaurants’ identities. You’ll be able to share your guesses in the comments section of our Spotlight pages.

Get in on the action in Boston and New York — and stay tuned for the launch of OpenTable Spotlight in additional cities across the U.S. OpenTable Spotlight Introducing OpenTable Spotlight™: Delicious Deals on Meals