Rave Review: Back to the Black Bass Hotel

There are thousands of reviews on OpenTable, but sometimes one really stands out — as is the case with this charming review. This diner visited the Black Bass Hotel in Lumberville, Pennsylvania, 50 years (!) after his very first visit, during which he proposed to his companion. A half a century later, the pair are still going strong — as is the Black Bass Hotel. Congratulations to both on many years of excellence.


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On Our Plate: July Restaurant Weeks in Baton Rouge, Charlotte, LA, MSP, NYC + More; Taste of the Nation Tickets; Taste of the Twin Cities

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Trending on OpenTable Restaurant Reviews: Lobster Rolls

lobster-roll-samsHave you shaken off the long holiday weekend yet? Neither have I, and it’s thanks, in part, to the delicious lobster rolls I ate. I am literally having a lobster roll letdown, as though every tasty bite wasn’t enough. Feeling it was part of my patriotic duty, I was sure to try both styles — the Connecticut lobster roll, served with melted butter, and the Maine-style lobster roll, which is made with mayonnaise and celery. They’re both, obviously, delicious (Because, hello, sweet lobster meat plus bread!). However, as someone who could eat Duke’s mayo straight out of the jar, it practically pains me to admit that the buttery elegance of the Connecticut-style lobster roll is my favorite. OpenTable diners held their own quests for the very best lobster rolls during their eating adventures recently. Find out which restaurants’ rolls are receiving rave reviews. 

Atlanta Fish Market, Atlanta, Georgia: “Since lobster is in season and one of the specials, we tried the lobster roll. It was fantastic, and I highly recommend it.”

Barking Crab, Boston, Massachusetts: “By far the best lobster roll I’ve had. The ‘naked’ lobster roll is a fresh-cracked lobster dressed with melted butter on a grilled hot dog roll and served with French fries, coleslaw, and a pickle. Perfect. Don’t know that I’ll ever find a better lobster roll than this! So good. Simple and delicious.”

Castle Hill Inn, Newport, Rhode Island: “My girlfriend order the lobster roll, which, I have to say, was huge. It was made with creme fraiche instead of mayo, which she enjoyed, with plenty of lobster.”

Central Park Boathouse, New York, New York: “The lobster roll was perfect. Huge pieces of sweet lobster tossed with a bit of mayo with bits of crunchy celery, lined in a soft bun. Absolutely delicious.”

DANTE, Tremont, Ohio: “Every bite was delicious. Of particular note — the lobster rolls with a creamy buttery sauce.”

The Diving Horse, Avalon, New Jersey: “A new addition to the menu (since I was there last fall) is the lobster roll appetizer, and it is out of this world. Warm roll, packed with lobster, simply outstanding.”

GT Fish and Oyster, Chicago, Illinois: This place is simply amazing – from the amazing mixologists at the bar to the sea-salt caramel and banana dessert – AND the best lobster roll west of Pawtucket. It’s one of the most exciting seafood restaurants I have had the pleasure to visit (and I was born and raised on the shoreline of New England).” Continue Reading