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You probably won’t miss meat when you dine at Vedge — or any of the restaurants diners are raving about here.

It’s Meatless Monday, aka the cruelest day of the week for hardcore carnivores. But, it doesn’t have to be! Vegan cuisine has become so unbelievably delicious and inventive that it’s not just for vegans anymore. Even card-carrying meat eaters are enjoying vegan delights from time to time, some in the name of their dining partners, others in the name of health — and many in the name of culinary adventure! Find out what folks are saying about their veggie-centric dining experiences as of late in recent OpenTable restaurant reviews.

Cafe Manna, Brookfield, Wisconsin: “Dined with friends New Year’s Eve. None of us are vegan or vegetarian, but we really enjoyed our dinner selections.”

Candle Cafe West, New York, New York: “At Candle, you feel like being in a normal American restaurant, except you have the great opportunity to eat excellent vegan food. The menu has amazing options and the quality is really high. We really enjoyed it.”

Crossroads, Los Angeles, California: “Three out of four of us were not vegans, but we still all enjoyed the food. Our favorites were the kale Caesar, artichoke dip, and the vegan version on chicken Parmesan.”

* The Daily Dish, Silver Spring, Maryland: “I recently stopped by The Daily Dish after hearing about their delicious vegan soups, and I must say, I was not disappointed. I started with a bowl of the butternut squash soup. I can’t even begin to describe how amazing the flavor was; I wanted to lick the bowl it was so perfect.”

Depature Restaurant and Lounge, Portland, Oregon: “We are long-term vegans and the dishes that we ate at Departure were not just off a special vegan menu, but they were imaginative and delicious. Everything was unique and different than what we normally prepare at home.”

Gather, Berkeley, California: ” Vegan charcuterie is always a winner as an appetizer. It’s nice to take your time with that one. Our two friends who had never been to Gather agreed it was entirely unique. For our entrees, we shared pizzas and a vegan squash dish, all of which were very tasty. The chocolate vegan desert was also very good.”

Gobo, New York, New York: “I am not vegan, but I still love coming back. The portions are great. They are split by small plates, large plates, starters, and sides. I’ve eaten large plates by myself or ordered a few to share with friends, so we can all share the food. Any way you decide to go, you will not regret it.”

Greens, San Francisco, California: “The food was great! We went back the next evening. I am a vegan and was very pleased with all my courses. My wife is not a vegetarian, but loved her meals.”

Karyn’s on Green, Chicago, Illinois: “As a vegan living in southwestern Michigan, I wanted to indulge in a special treat for New Years Eve, so I looked into Karyn’s on Green, reading that it was a favorite destination for fellow vegans. My husband, who isn’t vegan, graciously accompanied me and thoroughly enjoyed the food as well. The New Year’s Eve menu was splendid: tasty, refined, creative and just the right amount so we felt satiated but not full.”

Mi Lah Vegetarian BYOB, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: “Treats vegans like we are foodies too! Highly recommend whether for veggie diets or food connoisseurs!”

Millennium, San Francisco, California:  “This restaurant was great! My husband and I are not vegans, not even vegetarians for that matter, and we enjoyed just about every bite! We did the Taste of Millennium, and it was fabulous!”

Noorish Conscious Eatery, Edmonton, Alberta: “There’s something to be said about a restaurant that is packed with patrons on a -25C day when many of its dishes are served cold, raw, and without the comfort of cooking. Yet here we were trying pad Thai and a green curry bowl filled with noodles, quinoa, and Alberta cold storage veggies. The flavours were recognizable, the textures varied, and overall the dishes were enjoyable.”

Portobello Vegan Cafe, Portland, Oregon: “We went here for their New Year’s Eve special four-course dinner. The food was amazing (I’m still dreaming about those roasted white trumpet mushrooms!), and the service was great. Places like this could very well help convert the meat eaters out there!”

Sublime, Fort Lauderdale, Florida: “Amazing food, and I find it incredible that all of these complex flavors and textures are all vegan. Even meat eaters will delight in these dishes. Their frito misto (flash-fried cauliflower in a sweet and tangy sauce) is one of my favorite dishes anywhere.”

Tamazul, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma: “My wife and I are not vegetarians or vegans, but we like to try new things, and this restaurant offers some great dishes that are tasty. The portobello mushroom fajitas were excellent — probably my favorite.”

TILL dynamic fare, Columbus, Ohio: “I ordered the tofu and vegan mac n cheese, and it was delicious. I also got to try bites of my dinner guests’ meals (veggie burger and kung pao baby kale salad), and they were both delicious. We started off the meal with the eggplant toast appetizer — also delicious. What a great find!!”

Tilth, Seattle, Washington: “LOVED that they had a fabulous vegan tasting menu! Every course was inventive excellent! Presentations were stunning and service could not have been better!”

* V-Note Organic Wine Bar and Vegan Bistro, New York, New York: “My wife and I ordered different entrees off a prix-fixe menu on New Year’s Eve and then swapped the dishes half-way through each course. I am not a vegan/vegetarian but thought that the food was all very good. The onion soup was hot and tasty, as was the ‘salmon’ tofu. The truffle ravioli was also a real treat. Sauces on both dishes enhanced the presentation as well as the flavor complexity of the food being presented.”

* Vedge, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: “I’ve been vegan for over a decade, full disclaimer. Vegan restaurants used to advertise themselves as such, when our options weren’t seemingly limitless as they are now. Vedge transcends all that and goes straight to what it deserves to be: a fantastic restaurant. Aside from its name, you’ll find nothing here that reminds you of the meat you’re still eating (if that’s the case) or the suffering you’ve refused to participate in.”






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