Aren’t They Romantic? Meet Diners Megan + Drew

winners1Today, we notified the winners of our Valentine’s Day Romantic Dining Stories Giveaway. They were selected at random, but every entrant had a touching tale to tell. First up, Megan (and Drew, too!).

Name: Megan K.

Romantic dining partner: Fiancé Drew.

Hometown: Chicago, Illinois, by way of Lincoln, Nebraska.

Fun fact: They’re getting married on March 15, 2014.

A night to remember: “Having dated my then-boyfriend (now fiancé) for six years, the element of surprise dates and gifts were long behind us after living together for a few years. On a random, chilly late winter weekend, my boyfriend told me to pack an overnight bag with a nice change of clothes for a weekend get away. We took the el from the Addison redline down to Chicago where he had me walk blocks out of my way to arrive at the Drake Hotel. We changed and caught a cab, and he instructed the driver to drop us off at Dearborn and Ontario. We walked into the Melting Pot and had a wonderfully romantic dinner over fondue. This started the beginning of our restaurant exploration and seeking out new and exciting restaurants together.”

Melted cheese seems to melt hearts. Are you big fans of fondue?  “Normally, we’re not big fondue people, but the restaurant had a great seafood and steak selection, and the chocolate-peanut butter fondue was spot on. The element of surprise for no particular occasion is what made the date so memorable and romantic. I’m a hard girl to keep secrets from, and he executed it perfectly!”

What do you enjoy most about dining out with Drew? For as much as we hate the term “foodies,” we both fit into the category. We’re adventurous eaters and enjoy trying different entrees and cuisines. We love trying different places and have a dedicated restaurant list where we track where we’ve been, what we’ve eaten, and if we’d go back.

Thanks to Megan and Drew for entering our giveaway. Happy Valentine’s Day, and best wishes on your upcoming wedding.

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