A Romantic Surprise: Meet Sharyn + Dan

SharynValentine’s Day is tomorrow! Here’s another Romantic Dining Stories Giveaway winner with her tale of how her husband surprised her with a well-planned dinner, even securing some very qualified sitters for their kids. 

Name: Sharyn L.

Romantic Dining Partner: Husband Dan.

Married: 1997.

Hometown: Winter Garden, Florida.

The fake out: “My husband is usually somewhat unromantic, so I never expect that much on Valentine’s Day. Last year, however, I came home from work to find my parents in our house, already feeding the kids dinner. My husband pops out of our bedroom, all dressed up, and tells me to hurry up and get dressed because our reservations are for 6:30pm! We had a wonderful time at a very nice restaurant, and I didn’t have to worry about the kids at all. It was awesome!”

What restaurant did you go to? “The Chef’s Table, a local fine dining restaurant.”

Did you order or share anything particularly romantical? “We always share a single dessert between the two of us.”

What do you enjoy most about dining out with your husband? “When my husband and I dine out together without the kids, it gives us a chance to reconnect and act like ‘adults’ rather than ‘parents.'”

Do you think he’ll surprise you again with something like this for another occasion? He’s sneaky like that; I never know what to expect from him.

Did you bring your parents (or your kids) a doggie bag? No, we finished every bit of our dinner!

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