What It Takes to Work in Hospitality; Paper-free Checks Fight Credit Card Theft + More

Fools rush in — to the hotel minibar.

Dining news from around the world and the web…

* And then there were none. The Village Voice‘s sole restaurant critic exits stage left. [NY Times]

* Nevermind the minibar. In-room dining at the hottest hotels is getting less expensive. [Business Week]

* Think thin. That doesn’t really work, but try these five tips for staying slim while dining out. [Fox News]

* C’mon, get happy! If you want to work in restaurants, you’d better enjoy pleasing people. [Metro.us]

* Paper-free checks vex thieves. A new digital payment system can reduce credit card theft at restaurants. [USA Today

* Get social. Recommendations for restaurants interested in harnessing the power of social media. [NRN]

* One URL to rule them all. Our friends at Seamless have joined forces with GrubHub to deliver delicious eats when you don’t want to put on pants. [UPI]


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