We Are Family: Foodspotting Joins OpenTable!

OpenTable is about to make you a whole lot hungrier, thanks to the addition of Foodspotting and their delectable photos to our family of products.

We are thrilled to announce that Foodspotting is becoming a part of OpenTable. An app for finding and sharing great dishes at restaurants, Foodspotting is a must-have for foodies who enjoy documenting, sharing, and discovering photos of delicious dishes.

“We’re proud to welcome the talented Foodspotting team to the OpenTable family,” said our own Matt Roberts, Chief Executive Officer of OpenTable. “The folks behind Foodspotting are as passionate about dining as we are, and we’re looking forward to leveraging their unique expertise in the areas of imagery and social sharing to enrich the OpenTable experience for diners and restaurants in new and exciting ways. By adding more visually compelling content to help people decide where to dine and discover dishes they’ll love, we hope to make it even easier to find the perfect table for any occasion.”

Foodspotting Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer Alexa Andrzejewski is equally excited. “We’re so happy to have found a home for Foodspotting where our community can continue to thrive while our entire team continues to focus on creating great dining experiences.”

By becoming part of the OpenTable family of products, Foodspotting will enable us to deliver a richer visual and social experience for diners as well as provide our restaurants with new opportunities to showcase their culinary creations.

While Alexa and her team help us develop more enhancements to OpenTable, we will continue to maintain the Foodspotting site and mobile apps on a standalone basis. And, OpenTable is adding Foodspotting photos to our web and mobile web and will soon be available across our service.


  1. Gary Rominger says

    I find this laughable that OpenTable has bought FoodSpotting only two days after media coverage of the national trend in restaurants to prohibit the photographing of food. I have to agree: the constant flashing of cameras and cell phones does more to ruin a dinner out than smokers ever did.

  2. Jacob12 says

    Foodspotting is good if you want to see pretty pictures of a dish.
    But Forkly is the app if you want to know if that pretty-looking dish is actually tasty.

    On Forkly, you rate dishes (Love it, Like it, Its ok, Not for me) so people know what to expect, instead of having meaningless hearts on foodspotting.

    I think Forkly (http://forkly.com) is way better!


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