Tweet of the Week: Once a VIP, Always a VIP

During a recent outing with her parents for her father’s 91st birthday, OpenTable diner Teri Galvez tweeted about the very impressive number of Dining Rewards points she’s racked up. Not one to want folks to miss out on enjoying free meals, I reminded Teri to redeem her points for  a Dining Cheque (or FOUR!). However, Teri was concerned that if she did so, she would lose her VIP status, which has afforded her some lovely VIP treatment when dining out. I reassured her that on OpenTable, once you’ve achieved VIP status, it remains that way, regardless of how many Dining Rewards points you have. So, keep reserving — and start redeeming, Ms. VIP! PS: Happy Birthday to your papa.



  1. Alan says

    I wish the VIP meant more. I’m a happy Open Table “power user” and what frustrates me is having restaurants call me to check on my reservation!? I’m proud that I take reservations seriously and have never missed one. So Open Table should have a Platinium VIP that let’s restaurants know not to call!

  2. Daphne says

    I love the convenience of Open Table, but I guess I’m just not VIP enough or doing it right. Dismayed to check my account and find (a) reservations not credited for points, and (b) 1600 points “expired.” Rats.

  3. Phil says

    Everything these days seems to involve “elite” status of some sort. I have no idea what benefit there is to being an Opentable VIP, which I’ve been one for several years. If anyone is going to “reward” or show value to a VIP, it should be Opentable itself and not the restaurants. Provide us with bonus points to incent maintaining VIP status rather than promoting some hard-to-define restaurant recognition.

  4. Charles Born says

    If anything special happens due to my VIP status – I’ve never noticed it. What is special about it? Just another open table user far as i can see – and I’ve been VERY active using it for years now. Although I like the service – some restaurants won’t list times available for Open Table – as if reserving them for call in folks. In fact – two or three times when I’ve been unable to get a table at the time I need on Open Table – I’ve called and gotten it. When I asked why – I got a lame excuse – and no willingness to credit my Open Table account. So guys at Open Table – you need to check into that.

  5. Kevin says

    Opentable has to create a VIP status for those who dine much more than most and dine at the top restaurants……the VIP status so far has gotten me nothing……

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