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This is the raved-about squash blossom flatbread served at COCO500 in San Francisco.

As heirloom tomato season wanes, the good new is that hyper-seasonal squash blossoms are ubiquitous now. They’ve been in their prime for several weeks and will continue to be present on menus awhile longer, as squash plants continue to produce blossoms that, due to the oncoming colder weather, won’t have a lot of time to set fruit. Typically, only male flowers are harvested, but you can use the female flowers if you’re willing — or mother nature is about to — sacrifice fruit. Although squash blossoms are commonplace in dishes these days, the very first time I had them was many years ago when a friend’s Italian grandmother fried some up. Like most avid eaters, I’ve always been willing to try anything that’s fried; to my delight, the delicate, buttery blossoms were a veggie revelation. Ever since then, I cannot pass up any opportunity to eat them. Although frying remains a popular presentation, there are many other ways to enjoy them. In fact, just last night, I had some sublime agnolotti with squash blossom pesto at Picholine. Find out what your fellow diners are saying about this floral treat in recent reviews on OpenTable.

Alder, New York, New York: “The food was delightful. I never knew what a dish was going to look like until it came out. Everything was unexpected.  And, squash blossoms stuffed with shrimp and squash? Just go!”

Bar Americain, New York, New York: “The stuffed squash blossoms were a highlight for me; they were delicate, perfectly stuffed,  and the black-pepper vinaigrette was a wonderful complement.”

The Chestnut Grille, Blowing Rock, North Carolina: “We began with the lump crab-stuffed squash blossoms, which were dynamite.”

Cindy Pawlcyn’s Wood Grill & Wine Bar, St. Helena, California: “The service was great, and we had the squash blossom quesadilla and the heirloom tomato and melon salad. Both were tasty.”

Circa, Manhattan Beach, California: “Standout offerings: The tinned sardines from Spain with grilled rustic bread slices and fennel salad, battered squash blossoms filled with zucchini mousse, and the Mediterranean flatbread. Plates were meant to share, but I kept these all to myself.”

COCO500, San Francisco, California: “Food nothing less than spectacular! Started with uni/squid bruschetta, bursting with flavor. Next, a squash blossom flatbread, tasty and crunchy, not heavy.”

Cuoco, Seattle, Washington: “A must-try is the fried squash blossom — edible flower with a lemony-goodness, which simply melts in your mouth.”

* Grand Concourse, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania: “The appetizer special was, in fact, special: squash blossoms stuffed with herbed goat cheese, lightly battered and fried with a sweet blackberry sauce. Quite good.”

Hurley’s Restaurant and Bar, Yountville, California: “Fantastic potato leek soup for me, and delicious squash blossom fritters for my wife.”

Jsix Restaurant, San Diego, California: “The stuffed tempura squash blossom was my favorite app. The crispy tempura covered a young zucchini and the blossom, which was stuffed with a creamy risotto.”

la Posta, Santa Cruz, California: “Had the squash blossom and chicken sausage pizza that sounded a little odd at first, but, man, was it good.”

Paggi House, Austin, Texas: “It doesn’t get much better than this! The cast iron mushrooms with a mascarpone-stuffed squash blossom and baked oysters with sliced truffle were fantastic starters to our meal!”

* Pizzeria Mozza, Los Angeles, California: “The meat lover’s pizza and the squash blossom with burrata were incredible — the crust is divine!”

Pure Food and Wine, New York, New York: “Order the squash blossoms filled with Picholine cheese; they are amazing, but hurry as they are seasonal.”

Tarry Lodge Westport, Westport, Connecticut: “Never did I think that outside of Italy, I would have such delicious and light fiori di zucca (squash blossoms stuffed with goat cheese)!”

* Trattoria No. 10, Chicago, Illinois: “We had squash blossom ravioli with spinach and truffle: Excellent!”

Underbelly, Houston, Texas: “We also ate the stuffed butternut squash blossoms, which were very delicate and were a somewhat sweet treat.”

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