Trending on Recent OpenTable Restaurant Reviews: Morel Mushrooms

morelsThere’s this great myth that when spring arrives, a bounty of ingredients comes with it. In actuality, spring ingredients find their way onto menus at a slow trickle. Outside of asparagus, peas, ramps, and other leafy greens, one spring arrival that packs amazing flavor and texture is the morel mushroom. A favorite of foragers, morel mushrooms taste downright meaty and will turn even hardcore carnivores into fans. It’s so popular that there are websites devoted solely to celebrating the sponge mushroom. Lovely with pasta and risotto or paired with almost any protein, mushrooms are an antioxidant and a good source of vitamins B2, B3, D, as well as copper, selenium, and potassium. Find out what OpenTable diners are saying about this fun fungi in recent restaurant reviews.

Bartlett Pear Inn, Easton, Maryland: “Dinner there was excellent. The fresh morels and truffles were a delight.”

Bistro du Midi, Boston, Massachusetts: “For dinner, we enjoyed a special of housemade tagliatelle with morels, trumpet mushrooms, asparagus, fava beans, peas, and sun-dried tomatoes. Divine!”

Bluegrass Tavern, Baltimore, Maryland: “The food was terrific, and I would classify ourselves as foodies and picky. I had the morel and fava pot pie. It was silky and really punched the flavor on the morels.”

Bouchon at The Venetian, Las Vegas, Nevada: “Amazing food! And the specials really are special! The morel mushroom and asparagus tagliatelle in lemon butter sauce was so good, I could have had three.”

Crush, Seattle, Washington: “Lummi Nation halibut was outstanding in a preparation of morels/nettle sauce.”

Golden Pheasant Inn, Erwina, Pennsylvania: “We shared a delicious kale salad with locally foraged morel mushrooms,  and for entrees we had the shrimp and salmon. The food was exquisite, perfectly seasoned and prepared.”

Grovewood Cafe, Asheville, North Carolina: “Kitchen and server were very accommodating to my food requests. I noticed that a different dish featured seasonal morel mushrooms, and I asked whether they could include some morels in the vegetarian platter that I ordered. They had no problem with this, and the morels were great.”

Harvest, Cambridge, Massachusetts: “The seasonal menu was delicious: Pea soup with lobster, spiced carrot tortellini, and smoked ricotta ravioli with morels and asparagus.”

Joseph Decuis, Roanoke, Indiana: “We had the morel mushrooms for an appetizer — I don’t even like mushrooms, but these were AMAZING!”

La Morra, Brookline, Massachusetts: “The risotto (stinging nettle and morel) was simply fantastic.”

Marché Modern, Costa Mesa, California: “The sautéed morel mushrooms with asparagus and egg custard was so decadent and luscious.”

Measure at Benaroya Hall, Seattle, Washington: “The food was delicious — especially my partner’s 63-degree egg with prosciutto and asparagus and my gnocchi with fava beans and fresh morels.”

Morels Restaurant, Farmington Hills, Michigan: ” Great morels mushroom soup!”

noca, Phoenix, Arizona: “We did the tasting menu and tried many dishes that amazed us. One dish was a soft-boiled fried and lightly breaded egg that was garnished with morel mushrooms, shaved asparagus, and prosciutto.”

Park Kitchen, Portland, Oregon: “The morel-stuffed cabbage leaves were exquisitely flavorful, and the spinach fettucini and blackened salmon satisfied everyone.”

Ripple, Washington, D.C.: “We thoroughly enjoyed our evening. We were well taken care of and I would recommend highly. I had an appetizer of lobster, morels, and fresh peas that was exquisite.”

Sea Fire Grill, New York, New York: “The fish dishes are done to perfection. I had a daily special with the most delicate morel mushroom sauce — a feast for the senses.”


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