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sunchoke-blogWhile you may think that the winter months signal a dearth of interesting, fresh ingredients, that isn’t always the case. Consider the sunchoke. Also known as Jerusalem artichokes (even though the plant does not come from Jerusalem and is not related to either the globe or the Chinese artichoke), sunchokes are available from late fall through spring in North America. According to the Oxford Companion to Food, sunchokes are a North American relative of the sunflower. The tubers, which have a flavor similar to that of Brazil nuts, can be enjoyed raw, boiled, fried, roasted, pureed, among other preparations. They are a good source of fiber and thiamine, which is important to muscles, the central nervous system, metabolism, and more. They are also purported to have some, ahem, gaseous qualities. Find out what OpenTable diners are saying about this in-season ingredient. 

Acquerello, San Francisco, California: “The delights that crossed our table are too numerous to mention, but the standout dish was a creamy sunchoke soup with short rib meat. How I wish I’d ordered that instead of just stealing sips from my husband’s bowl!”

Alma, Los Angeles, California: “Our favorite dish was a very unusual starter — a sunchoke dish that ended up being a soup (you couldn’t tell from the description). The broth was sublime and very complex; really remarkable. I would return for just that at the counter if I could and would happily give them ‘soup of the year.'”

Charcoal Restaurant, Denver, Colorado: “The food is always absolutely delicious — love the Cobb and smoked salmon salads and the Sunchoke soup.”

Cowell & Hubbard, Cleveland, Ohio: “The food was outstanding — you must try the sunchoke salad, strip steak, and the out-of-this-world desserts.”

* Craftsman Restaurant, Minneapolis, Minnesota: “My wife had the gnocchi, and I had the roasted steelhead with sauteed sunchokes in a chervil beurre blanc. Both were terrific.”

Daniel, New York, New York: “I simply cannot imagine a dinner anywhere in the world that would exceed the experience we had at Daniel! Foie gras, duo of beef, sunchoke ravioli, and the squab were our choices, and everything was completely amazing.”

The Mildred, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: “Service was attentive and friendly, and the food was absolutely delicious. The hand-spun bucatini ‘cacio e pepe’ was rich and creamy, and the roast sunchoke was perfectly seasoned. An excellent meal all around!”

Outerlands, San Francisco, California: “Caramelized sunchokes were beyond wonderful.”

Park Tavern, San Francisco, California: “For the appetizers, gnocchi is great, and so are the fried sunchokes.”

Ripple, Washington, D.C.: “Ripple features creative gourmet cooking done right. Beautifully prepared and presented, delicious to eat, friendly servers. Creative (for example, sunchoke soup with raisins and pickled cauliflower). Has never disappointed.”

* Scott’s Seafood, San Jose, California: “My grilled salmon was moist and tasty, but the accompanying risotto was outstanding — a mixture of rice, corn, and sunchoke, or Jerusalem artichoke, cooked perfectly al dente.”

* Serratto, Portland, Oregon: “Current favorite is the king salmon (sometimes halibut) served with sunchokes, sorrel, and farro, plus other things that blend to perfection.”

Table, Asheville, North Carolina: “Outstanding dinner. We both had the arugula salad, which had unique additions including sunchokes that were crunchy and tasty.”

* Tar & Roses, Santa Monica, California: “The sunchokes with goat cheese were excellent.”


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