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I’m not sure how I feel about this, but here is a photo of a smoked salmon martini.

Smoke gets in your eyes — and it can also get in your food! While smoking fish and meats is likely as old as eating fish and meats, chefs and mixologists have been smoking other ingredients to add another layer of flavor to dishes and drinks. Find out what OpenTable diners are saying about this tasty technique.

Autre Monde, Berwyn, Illinois: “The braised short rib melted in my mouth, and the fresh chard accompaniment was perfect for a cool fall evening. Even better, the smoked lamb shank was to die for.”

Bar Tartine, San Francisco, California: “Standouts were roasted beets and another course of smoked potatoes — which had some of the most lovely smokey flavor I can recall.”

Cook Hall, Atlanta, Georgia: “Smoked Old Fashioned that arrives in a closed mason jar with smoke enclosed … ready to shake and infuse!”

* The Farm House, Nashville, Tennessee: “We started our night with the cornmeal-crusted quail and waffle with smoked honey, then the beet salad. Both were excellent.”

Fatty Cue, New York, New York: ” If you love smoked foods, this is the place for you — even the watermelon was smoked (and delicious)!”

Hakkasan, San Francisco, California: “Don’t miss the Shanghai dumplings and the fall-off-the-bone tea-smoked short rib.”

*  Maysville, New York, New York: “Gotta try the smoked oysters.”

Metropole, Cincinnati, Ohio: “The bread and smoked butter was very good — the highlight.”

Mile End Delicatessen, New York, New York: “Dinner stars that we tried include appetizers of fried artichokes, beet salad and chopped liver, entrees of smoked meat burger (messy to eat but worth the fight), grilled trout (who would’ve thunk!), and a sausage plate.”

Mistral, Princeton, New Jersey:  “Of the six dishes we ordered, these were the standouts: the corn arapa, which is like a cornbread pizza with a generous amount of duck confit and other delicious things as toppings, the smoked pappardelle with Brussels sprouts, which my husband wanted seconds of.”

Niche Restaurant, Clayton, Missouri: “Smoking egg, short rib, steak, cocktails, quality rolls and butter — all delicious.”

* Pampano, New York, New York: “The smoked swordfish appetizer is without equal.”

Savannah Red Restaurant and Wine Bar, Charlotte, North Carolina: “I chose the elk and she chose the grouper, both of which were delicious, as well as the sides — smoked cream corn is wonderful with the meats.”

Session Kitchen, Denver, Colorado: “I tried the rhubarb whiskey sour (instead of ice cubes you get frozen smoked apples!) and the ‘Smokey and the European,’ which came in a mason jar sealed with applewood smoke that comes billowing out when you poor it in its glass.”

The Tasting Room-Kings Harbor, Kingwood, Texas: “Food was great … crispy snapper with smoked cherry tomato compote was great!”

* Tony’s of North Beach-Grafton Resort, Rohnert Park, California: “My husband ordered the steak, which he loved and said he would come back for again. It was huge, smoked, and very tasty for only $27.”

Type by Chef Blake Rushing, Pensacola, Florida: “I had the smoked trout under glass. The plate came with a glass dome on top filled with smoke. The waitress removed the glass revealing the cured trout and releasing the smoke aroma into the air. The mix of trout, cheese, cucumber and bread was delightful. ”

* Z’Tejas South Coast, Costa Mesa, California: “I had a very good smoked chill relleno; it was really tasty.”






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