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Behold the delightful sardine chips from Rich Table.

Remember when you were a kid and your mom would tell you to eat your fish because it was good for you? Turns out mother did know best, especially if she were talking about sardines. Sardines are packed with protein, healthful omega-3 fats, and are super sources of vitamins B12 and D. According to The Oxford Companion to Food, sardines are “a group of fish found all round the world, all belonging to one subfamily in the highly complex group of clupeid fish (in which there are over 300 species altogether).” In other words, when you’re eating sardines, it’s not necessarily the very same fish each time, although each is just as good for you. In addition to their nutritional benefits, sardines feed on plankton and tend to be safer to consume because of lower levels of mercury and contaminants than other types of fish. They are often found canned, but restaurants are serving up sardines in all kinds of way, from a classic grilled presentation to the stellar sardine chips served at Rich Table that are receiving an array of rave reviews. Find out what OpenTable diners are saying about sardines!

Acabar, Hollywood, California: “Some notable favorites include the sardines (I thought I didn’t like sardines until I tried their version), charred octopus, spicy shrimp skewers, and fresh oysters from the crudo bar.”

Anassa  Tavern, New York, New York: “Risotto with cuddle fish was delicious, and the sardines were grilled to perfection.”

Cafe Lucia, Healdsburg, California: “The five-choice appetizer plate, especially the sardine paté and crusted goat cheese and almonds, was great.”

Esca, New York, New York: “We were able to try amazingly well-prepared seafood dishes: sea urchin, sardines four ways, octopus, grilled anchovy, and clam ceviche.”

Foreign Cinema, San Francisco, California: “Ambience was perfect, the movie was so-so (Who’s watching anyway?), but OMG ,the food was wonnnnderful from anchovy/sardine appetizer, to the best fried chicken ever and the chevre cheesecake!”

Ink., Los Angeles, California: “This restaurant was amazing; their food blew our minds. They make Caesar salad with burrata ice cream and a sardine cracker/wafer.”

Julienne, Santa Barbara, California: “Our friends had a flatbread with grilled local sardines, which reminded us of some of the amazing seafood gems we got this summer in Scotland.”

The Kirkland Tap & Trotter, Somerville, Massachusetts: “The food was DELICIOUS!!! The salmon head… yuuuuummmm. The sardines, finger-lickin’ good! I was daydreaming about my meal the next day!”

La Boca, Santa Fe, New Mexico: “I was transported back to Barcelona 1971 … a tapas bar just off the Rambla! A glass of sherry with sardines and patatas bravas!”

LaSalette Restaurant, Sonoma, California: “We went on to try two soups — both excellent and the roasted sardines. The sardines were the star of our main meal — very fresh and perfectly cooked.”

Lupa, New York, New York: “Our first course of marinated sardines with pistachio nuts was delicious.”

* The Modern-Dining Room, New York, New York: “The rabbit dumplings were superb, the sardines delicious, and the desserts and assorted sweets great.”

Nostos Restaurant, Vienna, Virginia: “My husband had the butterflied sardines and loved them.”

Oceana, New York, New York: “We went all out; we had the smoked salmon, pumpkin salad, marinated sardines, and the foie gras. Then, we shared the seafood paella. All outstanding.”

* Rich Table, San Francisco, California: “The sardine chips are so simple yet so good; they are a must every time.”

Solbar-Solage, Calistoga, California: “The food was amazing, the location is beautiful. Unforgettable Monterey sardines.”

* Tavira, Chevy Chase, Maryland: “If you are a fish lover, this is a wonderful dining choice. The salad with fresh sardines is out of this world.”

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    I recently has business meetings in Las Vegas and had a dinner for 45 @ The Strip House in Planet Hollywood. Gabe Carretta, the General Manager went above and beyond to make this an awesome event. Everyone was happy and the food was excellent!! I have to go against the norm and had Spicy Tuna Tartar as my entrée & Wow did I make the right decision. I highly recommend The Strip House for spectacular service, going above & beyond, atmosphere & food!!! Gabe Thank You sooooooo much as there is never a “Do Over” and you made me look like a Rock Star!!!

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