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lobster-roll-samsHave you shaken off the long holiday weekend yet? Neither have I, and it’s thanks, in part, to the delicious lobster rolls I ate. I am literally having a lobster roll letdown, as though every tasty bite wasn’t enough. Feeling it was part of my patriotic duty, I was sure to try both styles — the Connecticut lobster roll, served with melted butter, and the Maine-style lobster roll, which is made with mayonnaise and celery. They’re both, obviously, delicious (Because, hello, sweet lobster meat plus bread!). However, as someone who could eat Duke’s mayo straight out of the jar, it practically pains me to admit that the buttery elegance of the Connecticut-style lobster roll is my favorite. OpenTable diners held their own quests for the very best lobster rolls during their eating adventures recently. Find out which restaurants’ rolls are receiving rave reviews. 

Atlanta Fish Market, Atlanta, Georgia: “Since lobster is in season and one of the specials, we tried the lobster roll. It was fantastic, and I highly recommend it.”

Barking Crab, Boston, Massachusetts: “By far the best lobster roll I’ve had. The ‘naked’ lobster roll is a fresh-cracked lobster dressed with melted butter on a grilled hot dog roll and served with French fries, coleslaw, and a pickle. Perfect. Don’t know that I’ll ever find a better lobster roll than this! So good. Simple and delicious.”

Castle Hill Inn, Newport, Rhode Island: “My girlfriend order the lobster roll, which, I have to say, was huge. It was made with creme fraiche instead of mayo, which she enjoyed, with plenty of lobster.”

Central Park Boathouse, New York, New York: “The lobster roll was perfect. Huge pieces of sweet lobster tossed with a bit of mayo with bits of crunchy celery, lined in a soft bun. Absolutely delicious.”

DANTE, Tremont, Ohio: “Every bite was delicious. Of particular note — the lobster rolls with a creamy buttery sauce.”

The Diving Horse, Avalon, New Jersey: “A new addition to the menu (since I was there last fall) is the lobster roll appetizer, and it is out of this world. Warm roll, packed with lobster, simply outstanding.”

GT Fish and Oyster, Chicago, Illinois: This place is simply amazing – from the amazing mixologists at the bar to the sea-salt caramel and banana dessert – AND the best lobster roll west of Pawtucket. It’s one of the most exciting seafood restaurants I have had the pleasure to visit (and I was born and raised on the shoreline of New England).” 

GW Fins, New Orleans, Louisiana: “We celebrated our anniversary at GW Fins, and the entire experience was fabulous. The ambience was elegant and romantic, but not too stuffy. The lobster rolls are divine! I highly recommend that you try these.”

Howells & Hood, Chicago, Illinois: “My husband and I were having a day to ourselves in Chicago while the kids were with my parents. Hands down, the best meal we had was lunch at Howells & Hood. I had a to-die-for lobster roll (How often do you find that in the Midwest?) and my husband loved his burger.”

Legal Sea Foods, King of Prussia, Pennsylvania: “The lobster roll is a must have. It was loaded with fresh and tender lobster meat. It left my stomach satisfied.”

Maestro’s at the Van Dam, Saratoga Springs, New York: “We all ordered the legendary lobster roll and were not disappointed. The lobster rolls here are wonderful.”

* The  Mooring Restaurant, Newport, Rhode Island: “We try the lobster roll everywhere we go, and this was the best one we had in Newport.”

Morgans Fish House, Rye, New York: “Their lobster roll in brioche is spilling over with large chunks of sweet lobster; absolutely amazing.”

The Optimist, Atlanta, Georgia: “Yes, yes, yes! It lives up to its expectations! I went again for lunch, and the lobster roll and the fish are UNREAL…the bread…everything it is out of sight…this is not where you go for a light lunch or meal — everything is a guilty pleasure.”

The Ordinary, Charleston, South Carolina: “I had the lobster roll, which was full of succulent chunks of lobster and just enough sauce to hold it together. It’ll be difficult for me to order something else next time because it was so memorable.”

The Pass, Houston, Texas: “My favorite course was the lobster roll. It was a fresh take on an old dish. The lobster roll itself was a small buttery crispy loaf of potato bread filled with a savory lobster filling. When I saw potato bread, I thought it would be dense and heavy, but it was amazingly light and yet textural.”

* Sam’s Chowder House, Half Moon Bay, California: “They have a nice menu, or so I hear. I only eat the Sam’s Famous Lobster Roll. It is just fantastic.”

The Sea Goose Grill and Raw Bar, Westerly, Rhode Island:  “The cold lobster rolls are also amazing; just a bit of dressing with a hint of mayonaise in a long roll with fries that are delish.”

* Summer Shack, Boston, Massachusetts: “I was on the quest for the best lobster roll. Did research before trip and Summer Shack was on the list. The lobster roll was very good — liked the cucumber instead of celery.”

* Todd English P.U.B., Las Vegas, Nevada: “If you go, you have to try the lobster roll — a must.”





  1. says

    Red’s Eats in Wiscasset, Maine (north of Portland on the way to Booth Bay) is, hands down, the best place. Naked roll. One whole lobster with both claws and the tail split. Mayo and butter on the side. You dress it the way you like it. Onion rings and clam bellies. That’s all that needs to be said. It’s been on many shows, is open only during the summer and is highly rated. Accept no substitutes.

  2. Hilly says

    “Reds”………….is a Small Red Hut on Side of the Road.A Quaint and Cute…Cafe ….with Tables to sit outside…
    where The BreadRoll….Hot Dog Style is Browned and Butter added with large Chunks of steamed Lobster is Added…Falling off the Top…Small cups of Warm Butter are on the Side…….if you are a Lobster lover….you will never Forget….Yum…..I dream of going Back….

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