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[singlepic id=133 w=400 h=320 float=right]Depending on your age, the very first time you try burrata, you may experience anger. That sounds crazy, but hear me out. You see, unless you’re trying it as a child, your love-at-first-bite sentiments of delight could quickly give way to bitterness, a bitterness born of the fact that for however many years you’ve been eating quality cheese, you have *not* been eating beautiful burrata. Before you despair entirely, however, know that it is burrata season, and you’ve got ample opportunities to make up for lost time. I describe burrata as the lovechild of just-pulled mozzarella and fresh ricotta — which isn’t entirely accurate, but it gives the unchristened a general idea of what I’m getting at when my ‘Trust me!’ isn’t cutting it. More precisely, burrata is freshly pulled buffalo or cow milk curd shaped into a purse of sorts and then filled with cream and curd. There are many ways to enjoy it, from being paired with oysters to a simple presentation of crusty bread and a drizzle of quality olive oil. Burrata’s name comes from the Italian word imburrato, which means ‘buttered’ — and once you sample this rich, simple cheese, you’ll understand the connection. Find out what your fellow OpenTable diners are saying about burrata in recent restaurant reviews!

360 Bistro, Nashville, Tennessee: “Our daughter thought her dish was the best of all — Italian burrata & Alto Adige speck with zucchini ribbons, truffle oil, and Tennessee dark honey on toasted baguette.”

* A Bellagio, Campbell, California: “If you like cured meat and excellent burrata, then this is the place for you! Burrata is a must! It is so creamy.”

Annabelle’s Bar & Bistro, San Francisco, California: “Loved the arancini — savory little rice balls filled with burrata.”

Acqua Al 2, Washington, D.C.: “The special appetizer was a super fresh burrata and apricots.”

Brunello Trattoria, Culver City, California: “We started with the arugula salad with burrata cheese and hearts of palm, which was excellent.  Exactly what I was craving.”

Chez Soi, Manhattan Beach, California: “Mad props to the chef at Chez Soi! He chooses his ingredients carefully and really lets each one shine in the dishes he prepares. The smoked and grilled peach that accompanies the gorgeous burrata, for example, added a lovely twist to an already lovely plate.”

Circa 1922, Wilmington, North Carolina: “The burrata with heirloom tomatoes was outstanding — so good we both wish we had ordered two instead of sharing. The waiter’s suggestion of pairing it with a tapas plate of speck made it even more spectacular.”

Cotogna, San Francisco, California: “To a first timer, I recommend anything with burrata cheese because they do it better than anyone else.” 

edison food + drink lab, Tampa, Florida: “Everything tasted excellent. There were some very creative touches, like the orange sherbet with the burrata salad.”

Gramercy Bistro, North Adams, Massachusetts: “The antipasti plate was the highlight of the evening . Rich, pure burrata, artichoke, and charcuterie.”

Hibiscus, Dallas, Texas: “I started with the burrata and ramps…….very good.”

La Ciccia, San Francisco, California: “A divine burrata drizzled with olive oil and sea salt, artfully placed in a nest of fresh arugula and fava beans.”

* La Messeria, New York, New York: “Really authentic cuisine; burrata is actually flown in from Italy;”

* Lucques, Los Angeles, California: “We shared a couple appetizers — the soft shell crab and asparagus with burrata. Both dishes were perfect! Great flavors!”

Pasta Moon, Half Moon Bay, California: “If they have the burrata prosciutto appetizer, order it! It was the best thing we have ever eaten! Ordered it twice in two days!”

Pastaio, Spring Lake, New Jersey: “The other appetizers were the burrata cheese, which was salty, creamy, and smooth. Served with olives and figs, do not pass up trying this dish.”

Postino, Lafayette, California: “The burrata with prosciutto and tomato jam was outstanding. Fresh basil leaves and crunchy thin crostini were the perfect additions that led us to smile, laugh, and really get to know each other as we piled the toppings on our crostini. Beautiful evening.”

* Remi, New York, New York: “The food was so tasty. We had the burrata, arugula, and nectarine salad to start. YUM!”

* Stella Barria Pizzeria, Los Angeles, California: “The fennel bianco pizza with burrata is to die for. So delicious.”

* The Tasting Kitchen, Venice, California: “The burrata and tomato grilled cheese was obscenely rich but delicious.”











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