The New OpenTable Gift Cards Are Here: You Send It, Your Recipient Selects the Restaurant!

OT-Gift-CardsThe dilemma: You want to buy a gift card to a restaurant for your favorite foodie — only you’re not sure which restaurant he or she would enjoy most. The solution: The new OpenTable Gift Card that allows you to purchase the gift and leaves the choosing to the recipient.

The OpenTable Gift Card is a generic online gift card that has a specific dollar amount associated with it that customers can purchase and send to anyone they like. The recipient can then redeem this gift card for its entire cash value at any participating OpenTable Gifts restaurant of their choice. It’s that simple!

To purchase an OpenTable Gift Card, visit You’ll receive two options: Choose a restaurant, or Let your friend choose.

If you select “Choose a restaurant,” you select the city, the restaurant, and the amount. If you select “Let your friend choose,” you can buy a gift card that is good at any participating restaurant; you only choose the amount. The gifts will be delivered via email, either instantly or at a future date. You can also print the gift card to present it to the recipient.

With OpenTable Gift Cards, it’s never too late to find the perfect presents this holiday season. Buy now!

19 Responses to “The New OpenTable Gift Cards Are Here: You Send It, Your Recipient Selects the Restaurant!”

  1. Sean Lavin

    This is a great idea. How about making the giftcards available to your Canadian Customers? Us Vancouverites like eating out too. :)

  2. bobby vee

    Too bad you are limited to certain cities-we are 2 hours away from any large city where we can use our gift “card”. Even then, it is only valid at certain restaurants. Better to go with an AmEX or Visa card-you can use them anywhere. Disappointing.

  3. carl scarantino

    I recieved a gift today. It was Open Table for Copleys PRINGS cA. 92264
    all I recieved is page one of a print out, with the peoples comment “enjoy dinner on us”. Is that all we need?
    Hope you can help to clear this up.
    Carl Scarantino

  4. pam kirchoff

    My husband and I dined at Bria Bistro in Nashville, Tn last eve and had a wonderful experience. I booked a table through Open Table and all employees, from the owner, general manager and our server went out of their way to insure we had a good dining experience. We plan to take friends to dine there very soon.

  5. Pauline Jones

    The list of restaurants participating in the OpenTable gift card program seems very limited. This is disappointing to both giver and receiver of the gift card. Why is this and what plans are there for expansion?


  6. Alexis

    Can I use OpenTable points to purchase a Gift Card?

  7. MFurman

    BE AWARE! Gift cards can only be used at one restaurant of your choice. If there is any amount left over, you HAVE to use it at the same restaurant. VERY DISAPPOINTING!

  8. Caroline Potter

    Hi Pauline…We are always adding new restaurants to our OpenTable Gifts program. Are there particular restaurants you’re interested in?

  9. Caroline Potter

    I’m very sorry that our Gifts offering didn’t meet your expectation. I will pass your feedback along to the Gifts team.

  10. Sean

    Would be nice to be able to split larger gifts between restaurants.

  11. Lisa

    I received an opentable gift card from my manager. I don’t see the restaurant that I would like to use my gift certificate towards when I try to activate my gift card. How does a restaurant participate in this program? The restaurant is Saffron’s in Howard Beach.

    Thank you.

  12. Becky

    I agree with the above comment about using the entire value at one restaurant and the limited number of choices. I was given the gift card as a gift because I live in an area of LA with lots of OpenTable choices, but I can’t use the card at any of the places I would have chosen. I feel like I am forced to dine at certain places and THEN I have to figure out how to use the full value or be left with a partially paid meal at a restaurant I didn’t really want to choose in the first place. Not the best system.

  13. Trixie

    I am considering buying a couple of OpenTable gift cards. Two for the same person and another for another couple.

    -I just want to make sure that the restaurants listed on the site where you set up reservations are the same restaurants that accept the gift cards.
    -Also, can more than one gift card be used at the same time in the same restaurant as payment?

  14. June

    Love the concept that recipient can choose the restaurant. Only 14 choices in Las Vegas is a bit limited. Hope you add more to your list for this area, including Henderson, NV soon. Will keep checking back.

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