Restaurants Ban Food Photography; PayPal to Pay Your Dining Check + More

The canine chefs created dishes that were nothing short of disgusting.

Food and dining news from around the web and the world…

* Don’t shoot. Some restaurants are banning food photography. [Business Insider]

* But if you insist on the point and click. Here are some tips for jerk-free restaurant food photography. []

* Make no mistake. Or at least not these five mistakes that restaurant’s make with their websites. []

* Map quest. An Apple Maps error is costing Portland restaurant Metrovino $50,000 in lost business. []

* Pay your bill, pal. You may be able to use PayPal the next time your restaurant check comes. [Columbus Dispatch]

* Fancy feast. The top trends from the Winter Fancy Food Show in San Francisco. [Mercury News]

* Feliz cumpleanos, Jaleo. The D.C. mainstay by Jose Andres turns 20. [Washington Blade]

* Shhhh! Here are some of New York’s most quiet restaurants. [Bloomberg]

* Holy mackerel. Top chefs in the U.K. are 86ing this overfished fish. [DailyMail]

* Dirt-not-so-cheap. At a Tokyo restaurant you can eat dirt, but it’ll cost you. [FoxNews]

* River City steps out of Bay Area’s shadow. The restaurant scene in Sacramento heats up. [Sacramento Bee]

* Free refills? This story of a man asking about free iced tea refills at Le Bernardin reminds me of the time a friend’s hayseed date tried to order a pitcher of margaritas when we were at the Mesa Grill. I can laugh about it now, but, at the time, I wanted to crawl under the table. [New York Times]

* From the ‘Moment of Zen’ files: Introducing Padma Leash Me hosting a canine version of Top Chef. [Grub Street NY]

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