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kohlrabi-blogIf you’ve ever belonged to a CSA program, you are well-versed in the joys of kohlrabi. It’s a popular offering from growers, as kohlrabi is super-easy to sow and sort of foolproof when it comes to pests. A cool-weather crop and member of the cabbage family, it is fast growing and hearty. It’s also delicious and, you guessed it, nutritious. Low in calories, and high in fibers and phytochemicals, kohlrabi is also a wonderful source of vitamin C. While your average bear may be stumped as to how to treat these squat, alien-like vegetables, chefs are not! They’re taking these unique-looking gems and dazzling diners with soups, slaws, salads, and more. Find out what diners are saying about kohlrabi.

* A16, Oakland, California: “Highly recommend the house-made made pastas and the kohlrabi salad to balance all of the richness of the main dishes. The fried capers on this salad where great.”

Cascina Spinasse, Seattle, Washington: “Every dish my wife and I had was drop-dead delicious. Started with eggs scrambled with lobster mushrooms cooked in prawn butter and the kohlrabi and watermelon radish salad — outstanding!”

* flour + water, San Francisco, California: “The pastas are all house-made as are the pizzas. For appetizers, we shared the braised octopus with melon and kohlrabi. Very refreshing and delicious. ”

Girl & the Goat, Chicago, Illinois: “Kohlrabi salad was over the top, about the best salad I ever had.”

Naha, Chicago, Illinois: “It’s always hard deciding what to order because everything on their extensive menu is so great. This time, I had the white asparagus with smoked quail egg, ricotta and melted kohlrabi puree, as well as Alaska halibut, cooked so tenderly to bring out the sweetness of the fish. ”

Pidgin, Vancouver, British Columbia: “The bison tataki was very good, and the dan dan kohlrabi was a nice, light twist on the classic noodle variation.”

* Zaré at Fly Trap, San Francisco, California: “Amazing food. The kohlrabi soup is unbelievable, as well as the bone marrow.”

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