Reinterpretations of Childhood Faves; Moto Miracle Berry; Dutch Cuisine + More

The Junk Food platter from LA Market by Kerry Simon is one way in which grown foodies are revisiting their childhoods. The other is moving back home with their parents.

* Kidding around. Chefs are reinterpreting childhood faves to appeal to your inner child. [HuffPost]

* Burning up. Wood-burning ovens are all the rage — and also unpredictable. []

* Talk the talk. There’s a new dictionary just for diners. [NY Times]

* It’s a miracle. No, really. Homaru Cantu of moto and iNG in Chicago talks about the miracle berry that changes your tastebuds and trims your waistline. [GMA]

* The agony and the ecstasy. The highs and lows of life as a restaurant server. []

* Hi-ho, the Derry goes. Tiffany Derry talks about her looming departure from Private Social in Dallas. []

* Dining Downton Style. Making scenes look authentic is no walk in the abbey. []

* I do not endorse this. But, FWIW, here are some unconventional — and illegal — ways to make dining out more “exciting.” It sounds to me like the author needs to drink more. [Thought Catalog]

* Let’s go Dutch. No one ever says this about the cuisine, but they may start to sooner rather than later. [NY Times]

* Have a Melo meal. The folks at Old Homestead in New York are turning trash talk into something special, with their Carmelo Anthony steak special. [NY Daily News]

* Are vegetarians optimists? YES! Okay, I’m not a vegetarian, but I’m working on it. []

* Whoa, Nelly! Horse — and pig — meat is found in burgers in the U.K. and Ireland. Color me one giant step closer to vegetarianism. [LA Times]

* Forget snakes on a plane. Anthony Bourdain’s recent flight was delayed for a far scarier reason. [HuffPost]

* From the ‘Moment of Zen’ filesA totally 80s themed restaurant is a real thing. [KTLA]

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