Introducing OpenTable for iOS 7

We are excited to announce the release of OpenTable for iOS 7. With a focus on new search features and a design that allows restaurants to shine, we’ve dramatically improved the app to help make it easier than ever to find and book great places to eat.

New features include:
Streamlined search: Change the date, time, or party size in line and see results immediately
Focus on location: Enter an address or city­ to find restaurants nearby
New ways to explore: Browse restaurants by top-rated categories or cuisines
Easy access to more info: Swipe left and right to see all available times, and pull down on a restaurant page to see photos
Points tracking: See your progress toward earning your next Dining Cheque

New features are also available on OpenTable for iOS 6 and iPad. Have a question or feedback to share? Please email us at

Download the new app

Mee-Sun Yuk is the Senior Product Manager for iOS.

62 Responses to “Introducing OpenTable for iOS 7”

  1. Cabdulqadir

    Do not alow my email or mobile to use this app and ather all privouse apps.set up new Mobile Nokia And free acount and new brawser

  2. mark

    I rarely contact companies with complaints. I honestly can’t remember the last time I contacted a company with a complaint. I feel compelled to respond to your new version. What a bizarre update. Open Table was one of those apps that just worked – intuitive, fast, great interface, and most importantly, helpful! I’ve been sitting here for 30 minutes with the app trying to figure out what in the hell is going on. I can’t seem to search by restaurant name, location or neighborhood anymore. I keep getting defaulted to my present location. I KNOW of all the crappy restaurants in my neighborhood – that’s why I use Open Table – to find restaurants that are elsewhere! You guys just couldn’t leave well enough alone. Really disappointing. What was an app that I used on a weekly basis has now been deleted from my phone. Really unbelievable. Bad move. Very bad move.

  3. Gerald

    The new Open table app is TERRIBLE!!!! The idea of a map as the primary navigation is horrible, and moving between that and listings is cumbersome. The visuals themselves are poor as well. A VERY bad change!

  4. Harold Moskowitz

    The IO7 app is not working on the iPhone . A message pops up advising cannot connect to server please try later

  5. Kevin Kooiker

    I can’t believe that you screwed up this app so thoroughly. Unless it’s just me, the app is nothing like it used to be. It seems to be entirely map-based, and is nothing at all like the website. I used to use the iPhone app regularly to search for different types of restaurants; it is now virtually impossible to do that. I absolutely hate it, and I want the old app back!!!

  6. Stu

    I concur with the others. The old app was very user friendly. This one requires the user to think like an engineer.

  7. Linda

    I just tried to use the new version of open table and it is the pits! The old app was so easy to use and this one makes no sense. We use this app on a regular basis (4 times a week) and I can’t believe that now it is so bad. I want the old app back!!!!

  8. Rick Felker

    What a disaster! This app is most dysfunctional and least useful app on my device. It does’t allow you to do simple tasks. I wanted to find a highly rated San Francisco restaurant for a special occasion several weeks in advance. I can’t see that it is possible. You can’t even search by restaurant name much less find a list of highly rated restaurants. This map based search is insane!

  9. Robert

    I agree with many of the comments already posted. I live in New York City, what happened to the search by neighborhood feature which is a major factor that I use in every search? Do you really think I want to only eat within my own neighborhood?

    Also why am I forced to go to the map view to enter another city or country?

    I entered the exact same information on both my wife’s iPhone and mine and the order of the nearby restaurants which were listed were not the same. Therefore I suspect that you are tweaking the results based on some sort of formula based on the user information you are receiving.

    You took a great app which I constantly used and outsmarted yourselves. I hate the entire map interface in this update. Hint, if it isn’t broken don’t fix it!

  10. Marc

    I never leave a complaint or give feedback. But with you guys, I have no choice. You screwed BIG TIME. Get your previous version PLEASE. There is no way to use this one!!!!

  11. M

    Please make the old version of this app available again!!! I used to use that on an almost daily basis. This new ios7 app is UNUSABLE! Why on earth did you remove the ability to “refine” and search by neighborhood? That was a critical function, particularly when making reservations for travel around the country, but also in New York.

  12. Caroline Potter

    We apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate your feedback. We are actively working to address the issues you’ve been sharing, and we will update you as soon as those fixes are complete. Thank you for reaching out to us; we value your opinions and suggestions.

    Kind regards,

    Caroline Potter
    Chief Dining Officer

  13. Tom Gibbings

    the new version is very inferior to the old version. You can’t screen by food type.

  14. Charlotte

    I’m trying to make dinner reservations but cannot search by restaurant name. Wtf? I see it in your screenshots but it looks nothing like my new iPhone app! This is such a bad version. It’s like if ZocDoc took the doctor names away and you have to go to an unknown doctor everytime. Pretty dumb. As a restaurant owner, I’m calling you tomorrow because this pisses me off from both as a customer and owner perspective. Bad decisions! Calling the restaurant now so they won’t have to pay you the $1/person reservation fee.

  15. JAM

    The reviews on the App Store echo those posted here. The update for iOS 7 is something to avoid. It always amazes me when brands take something users love and change it into something they despise. Maybe OpenTable forgot what happened when Apple replaced Google Maps with Apple Maps. OpenTable – you would be wise to put the old version back on the App Store and completely remove the current version. Listen to your users.

  16. Kyle

    I agree with the majority of comments here. The previous version of the app was perfect, there was absolutely no need to change anything about it. The new version is horrible and completely useless. I often use Open Table to make reservations in other cities besides the three block area around my house. Why can’t I do that anymore? What is the logic behind that? Nothing that you say the new version can do actually can be done. There is no way to search by restaurant name, search by address or city, or browse by cuisine. Fortunately, Safari will access the desktop version, so instead of using the app, I just bookmarked the site in Safari and will use OT that way from now on. It’s a couple extra steps, but still takes less time and causes far less aggravation. Deleting the app now.

  17. Marcus

    New app is as bad as everyone says — it takes about 30 seconds to get completely frustrated. The opposite of an improvement. Not much more to say.

  18. MBZ

    I use open table about 5 times a week as I book many personal and business dinners. I have been going on the website via my phone to book reservations since the App is not user friendly. I am an avid Open Table User (VIP) and trying to make a reservation for a week form now in a certain area in NYC is extremely difficult. I want the old version back as this version is awful. I have not read one positive comment. People use open table for the friendliness of the app and access to restaurants… Might as well just call the restaurant yourself at this point.

  19. eal

    This new version is a complete failure — it has all the trappings of a design team that has decided to optimize for a single manner of use and then putting on the blinders to all other ways it is or can be used. Fix it, and then LEARN FROM THIS EXPERIENCE!!! To users, there IS a way to search by restaurant name, cuisine or neighborhood, but (1) it is not entirely intuitive how to get to that and (2) requires that you type in the name, cuisine or neighborhood (I.e., no drop-down menu), and thus ruins the ability to browse (but still don’t know how to search by rating). Drop-downs may not be sexy but they work!

  20. MARK

    What the ./@#$% did you guys do to this formally great app!?? It’s HORRIBLE in every way. I agree with the rest of the blogs here completely. Change it, fix it or I will not be using it any more.

  21. PR

    Please let us know the timeline for adding “search by neighborhood” and “exact time only” for reservations. In a city like SF, it is now impossible to narrow down results outside of our own neighborhood. Disappointing.

  22. Diane

    I figured this app would work on my husband’s new 5S as it is completely nonfunctional on my older iPhone 5. Since the new update, it’s impossible to do a search by name, a search by restaurant or even to change the time I want to reserve. The only thing that is popping up on the map is one local restaurant! The update is atrociously bad. It’s completely unusable in the iPhone. Please bring back the old version ASAP!

  23. Tom

    The IOS 7 version of the Opentable Qpp is horrible. One of the worst updates I have ever seen. Unusable

  24. Gayle

    PLEASE fix this app. I am so frustrated with this new version. How can you search by neighborhood? All I keep seeing is the map of my current location which takes up 2/3 of the screen. AWFUL!!! Please help ASAP.

  25. Terry

    How could you take one of the best apps and turn it into something completely unusable? I want to make a reservation in the future in another city, but after more than a half hour I gave up. I never did figure out how to change the date or the city. All it will let me do is make a reservation tonight in my own city. What were you thinking?

  26. Ruby

    This new app is heartbreakingly awful. How could you take something nearly perfect, incredibly easy to use and mess it up so thoroughly? Just bring back the old version, please!

  27. Bob Iles

    Ron London, it’s happening to me too. Did you just upgrade to iOS 7.0.3?

  28. Judy Welp

    I just updated the new iOS and now the Open Table app won’t even open. It immediately shuts down. I uninstalled, rebooted iPad, reinstalled app and still shuts down. WTH….any fix to this?

  29. Lynn

    Hmm….I can’t even figure out how to book a reservation in the new iPhone app. I can pick the restaurant and select the time, but there is no (apparent) place to submit the selected reservation time. What???

  30. Rick Toomey

    The recent iOS 7 update is breathtakingly bad. It has perhaps one of the least intuitive user interfaces I’ve ever had the misfortune to use. What was the design team thinking?! What used to be one of the most useful and oft-used apps on my iPad/iPhone is now one of the least useful. I’m deleting it and using the browser-based version until the inevitable fix is available.

  31. Angie

    Since you upgraded to iOS 7 – this app has become to comber some to use. Because of your changes YELP has become my go to for restaurant ideas. Hope you can fix this soon. I use to love OpenTable.

  32. James

    Please revert to the old app as soon as you can. The new app is unusable, unsearchable, and routinely directs me to restaurants hundreds or thousands of miles away, even when I specify a direct city and search by name.

    I have not been able to complete a single booking since this update was launched, despite having used it dozens of times before.

  33. BD

    I liked and used to recommend open table, unfortunately the new version is not functional. The new version has driven us to urbanspoon-it works like The old OT.

  34. LMB

    I hate this new app and I want to cry. I live in California, travel constantly and used to be able to type in city and date and time and make reservations quickly. Today I’m stuck at Lincoln Center restaurants because I used the app for a reservation at Nougatine. Even tho I live in Long Beach CA to make reservations in late Nov downtown NY I’m in Lincoln Center?!?–and can’t! Please Open Table realize that this is a big stupid mistake, take a lesson from Coca Cola and go back to the original version that made Open Table such an asset.

  35. Wq

    Do you plan to offer a better version? You screwed this one up big time!

  36. Heather

    I thought it was just me until I read this. Thank you everyone for confirming that the update made this app useless and frustrating!!!!!

  37. Seriously

    This app is basically nonfunctional now. Never shows restaurants near me. It’s totally unuseable.

  38. EHC

    This could be the worst software I have ever seen. According to the app there is NOT A SINGLE table in London for a party of 2 for the next 30 days at any time. They just killed their business and you can’t access the full site from an iPad. Must go to mobile site which is just as bad. Won’t try opentable again, ever unless they put old one back out. This makes seem like a masterpiece. Return to the old version.

  39. Steve V

    Ditto on all the comments above. I have actually never seen a comment board with 100% negative comments??!! At least you are not paying someone to post fake positive sentiment.

    What is scary is why you haven’t just reverted to the old version until you get a handle on the fix? Do you guys use the same contractor as Essentially your app is useless and have spent an hour trying to book a specific restaurant until I finally just called them!!! Siyonara for now!

  40. Joe

    All the negatve comments above are not quite negative enough. New app is cosmic CRAP!!!

  41. david b

    I liked the old app much better. The filtering is baffling. There is no way to search for a specific restaurant (that I could find). And the new screen icon is (like a lot of iOS 7) too simplified – like it’s been run through the washer with heavy bleach a too many times. Today I was looking for the app on my iPhone and it took me 15 minutes to see it because of the new logo icon.

  42. Neil

    Agree totally useless unless you know the name of a restaurant. Old version much better

  43. Diego

    Terrible update wish I could go back to old app. Will uninstall.

  44. Mike

    I’m new to OT and I’m not a fan of this app. It doesn’t remember me, must sign in each time. Thought it would be easier to book at places. Facebook integration is not working (though privacy permission is allowed).

  45. Thomas Kwan

    After the most recent update of the app, it refused to open at all, I have deleted and re-downloaded it 3 times and still not working. I am on a iPhone 4 and using the latest IOS. What a disaster!

  46. GP

    What happened to Facebook integration? Can’t Sign In with Facebook, even though permission is turned on. Why have the “Sign In with Facebook” button in the app if the darn thing does not work? #FAIL

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