Now Download This: Foodspotting for iOS 7

You may have noticed that OpenTable is better looking than ever — thanks to the inclusion of mouthwatering Foodspotting photos. We didn’t think it was possible, but now our favorite app for shooting and sharing food photos is, too. Foodspotting for iOS 7 is a wholly reimagined Foodspotting app, brought to you by Alexa Andrzejewski (@ladylexy) and Matt Jarjoura (@jarjar2k7). Foodspotting for iOS 7 features include:

Filters & Places
Find dishes by place or by category using Foodspotting’s new smart search. Look for new categories including “Find dishes at places you can reserve (on OpenTable).”

Location & Map
Find dishes anywhere in the world by tapping the green bar and setting your location. You can enter a city or address, or pan and zoom the map.

About This Dish & About This Place
Scroll left and right to discover delicious dishes. If a dish piques your interest, simply scroll down to learn how to get your hands on it.

Explore and Activity
Toggle between discovering nearby dishes and discovering dishes from friends with one tap (upper left), and Foodspotting will remember which you last used.

Before and after
Before and after


Read more about the new Foodspotting app here, and download Foodspotting for iOS 7 today.



  1. Debbie Schmidt says

    Sorry, the new app filter’s do not let you designate a destination. I am in NYC and it is either search by where I am located now or by ratings or price. If I am going to an event cross town there is no search for other areas. Second I wNt to be able to search for a specific restaurant.e new functionality is just not as good.

  2. Carl Mccaffree says

    I can’t deal with this new app. Difficult to deal with and can’t easily filter neighborhoods in nyc

  3. Erik says

    The new iOS7 app is a complete disappointment; the old one worked well, but this one can’t sort by cuisine, neighborhood, or anything else useful other than “near where I am right now”. Not an upgrade but a frustrating and dysfunctional downgrade. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it, please just bring back the previous version.

  4. Phil says

    What happened to ios7? So bad that it’s easier to call the restaurant. You removed 80% of the functionality. Can’t even change locations. I bet the CEO never even tried it. An example of a company that’s lost its way. As a restaurant owner this is the last straw. Too many new competitors to try.

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