Laying Claim to Hummus; News on Your Next Receipt; Year of the Sandwich + More

The Zohan attributes his skills and energy to a steady diet of hummus. And all his years as a Mossad agent. 

Food and dining news from around the web and the world…

* Don’t mess with the Zohan. That’s probably his hummus you’re eating. [Wall Street Journal]

* Need another reason to carefully read your restaurant receipt? You can catch up on the day’s news! [Forbes]

* The flip side to the world’s worst work shirts? A Miami Beach restaurant welcomes diners who pay in pesos. [Florida Today]

* Where do the world’s top chefs eat abroad? At really amazing eateries. Duh! [Guardian]

* Remember that whole thing about one man’s trash is another’s tasting menu? Well, these poor people really were eating trash. Ewww. [Global Post]

* Atlanta Chef Ryan Hidinger has a lot of support from the local restaurant community as he battles cancer. But TeamHidi could always use a little more. [Creative Loafing Atlanta]

* Dear Restaurant Owners: Dave Kos would like you to provide all your employees with health insurance. [Daily Kos]

* Forget the Year of the Snake. 2013 is the year of the sandwich. [MassLive]

* Does Napa have too many highfalutin restaurants? Um, no! And yet one resident actually thinks so. [Napa Valley Register]

* From the ‘Moment of Zen’ files: Driverless car (not by Google) hits the drive-in. [Thought Catalog]

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