Diners Gone Wild; Trends from the NRA; Soylent Green vs. Soylent + More News

Soylent-GreenDining news from around the world and the web…

* What diners want. Emerging trends at the National Restaurant Association show, revealed. [Crain’s]

* Soylent green is people. But Soylent is a sustainable soy product that could be the key to ending world hunger. [Business Week]

* Desserts that should be deserted. One pastry chef shares five sweets she’d rather not see again. [Phoenix New Times]

* How rude! Boston restaurateurs dish on the diners they’d like to 86. [Boston Globe

* On that note. Here are five easy rules for being a good diner. [Boston Globe]

* Space food gets souped up. Chef Traci Des Jardins (Jardiniere) helps Space Station astronauts eat better. [YouTube]

* Husk doubles down. The popular Charleston restaurant opens a second location in Nashville (and reservations are going like hot cakes!). [Nashville Scene]

* A restaurant week grows in Denver. The Mile High City’s two-week dining celebration continues to expand. [Denver Post]

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