Best Dates for Foodies: HowAboutWe Reveals Dining + Drinking Habits of Daters

Pizza puts Atlanta foodies in the mood for dating. How about you?

They say a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. I’d say that’s probably true of a woman, too. And, it’s been said that beer is the ultimate social lubricant. So, it’s no surprise that many dates involve food and drink. Curious about what food and drink is putting diners in the mood for romance? In honor of their 1,000,000th date, HowAboutWe, the offline dating site, has released data on the dining, drinking, and dating desires of their users in cities across the states. According to HowAbout We:

Atlanta: One-third of all date ideas in Atlanta involve grabbing a bite. Artisan pizza is a hot trend. Ice cream and burgers are also popular picks.

Austin: Food trucks are more popular in Austin than in any other city, accounting for 1 in 5 dining dates. A beer date is more likely to get a reply in Austin than other drinking dates.

Boston: Boston daters are three times more likely than average to suggest tapas on a first date. One in six beer dates in Boston specify craft beer—the highest in the U.S..

Chicago: One in 11 dining dates in Chicago is veggie-friendly, the third highest in the country. Blue Agave for tequila and tamales is the 5th most suggested date. Whiskey is four times more popular in Chicago than the national average.

Denver: Almost seven in 10 drinking dates in Denver suggest having a glass of wine. Tacos, pizza, and Italian fare are fashionable food picks.

Los Angeles: There are more breakfast dates in Los Angeles than in any other city. Whenever people talk about breakfast dates, I’m reminded of a scene from Sneakers in which a lovestruck man asks his date, “Would you like to have breakfast with me?” “Sure, fine,” she answers. “Shall I phone you or nudge you?” Also, wine is fine in LA; it’s the top drink choice for daters.

Minneapolis: The most popular cocktail in Minneapolis is a margarita.Italian, pizza and French fries are foodie-date faves.

New York: New Yorkers love a progressive meal: 28% of their dining dates involve multiple stops. Gin is the most popular spirit to sip on a first date in New York.

Philadelphia: Dates at BYOB spots have a higher response rate than other dining dates in Philly. Monday’s Jazz Jam at the World Cafe Live — and its wine and tiramisu — are the second most popular date. Philly has seven times more tequila dates than average — it’s the city’s most popular spirit.

Portland: Portland has ten times more vodka dates than average. (Finally! People who appreciate vodka as much as I do.) Food trucks, sushi and Thai food are all preferred dates.

San Diego: Mimosas are San Diego’s favorite cocktail. Seafood is the second top selection for cuisine on dates.

San Francisco: The Bay area has more brunch dates than in any other city, accounting for one-third of their dining dates. Frozen yogurt is disturbingly popular.

St. Louis: Going out for tacos is suggested three times more often in St. Louis than in any other city. And, a solid cocktail culture helps people couple up.

Washington, D.C.: Cupcakes are extremely popular in D.C., accounting for one in seven of their dining dates. The fifth most popular date is hitting up the H Street Country Club to try the fried yuca and tacos, followed by a game of mini golf. As in New York, gin is the preferred drink in D.C., accounting for one in 12 drinking dates.

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