Best Cities for Foodies; Vegas Dining Goes to New Heights + More

I would be too terrified to eat at 180 feet in the air!

Food and dining news from around the web and the world…

* Spirits in the sky. Food, too! This Vegas restaurant will lift diners up 180 feet in the air. My palms got slick with fear just typing that. [KTNV]

* Cities most fit for foodies. The 15 cities with the most restaurants per capita. [HuffPost]

* Timing is everything. When it comes to eating healthy. And, you know, almost everything else in the world. [Shape]

* Award-worthy menu. Wolfgang Puck’s menu for the 2013 Academy Awards is more delectable than George Clooney. [ABC News]

* Batali alarmed by inspectors. Someone says Chef B has secret alarms installed at his restaurants. [NY Post]

* Big deal. The chef’s table at Cielo in the Four Seasons in the STL is massive. [St. Louis Business Journal]

* A star was born. And then, tragically, he died. Were Michelin’s star ratings to blame? [Daily Beast]

* Free live music. Restaurants often balk at paying performers — so one responds. []

* From the ‘Moment of Zen’ files: I’m having a bad day, and this video of Sandra Lee making her Kwanzaa cake always makes everything better. [YouTube]

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