Behind the World’s 50 Best Restaurants Selection; Mid-Century Restaurants in America; Calorie Counts Not Curbing Our Appetites + More News

Mid-century dining institutions were as cool as Don Draper.

Dining news from around the world and the web…

* The rules are there are no rules. Grub Street examines the voting guidelines and standards for the World’s 50 Best Restaurants — and finds there aren’t any. [Grub Street]

* Sip and save. How to get the most value out of wine when dining out. [The Globe and Mail]

* Nobody makes it like mom. And not even she makes it like her mom, as evidenced by this collection of grandmothers and their signature dishes. [Slate]

* Seattle Weekly 86’s restaurant reviews. Does this mean crowd sourced reviews are more trustworthy — or just more affordable? [Eater Seattle]

* Classic American Dining. A new book takes a look at our nation’s mid-century dining institutions. []

* Still shady all after these years. Fast food isn’t any better for you than it was 14 years ago. [US News & World Report]

* Design matters. Restaurants in the Twin Cities — and everywhere — are investing in design to entice diners. [MPR]

* Can calorie counts be counted on to improve our ordering habits? Not necessarily. However, they definitely influence me, which can, at times, be a gastronomical bummer. [Los Angeles Times]

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