Adria’s Brand Goes to the Dogs; A Star Chef, Defined; Restaurant Design Nominees + More

Goats on a roof is a much safer idea than snakes on a plane, right?

Dining news from around the world and the web…

* Viva Las Vegas! Celebrity chefs are heading back to Sin City once again. [USA Today]

* Looks count. Here are the 2013 Restaurant Design Awards nominees. [Los Angeles Times]

* Food allergies are nothing to sneeze at. An expert offers some know-before-you-go tips to avoid allergic reactions at a restaurant. [CNN]

* Forget snakes on a plane. It’s all about goats on a restaurant roof. []

* How boy met grill. Bobby Flay (Mesa Grill) discusses his history with backyard barbecuing. [

* Star struck. A look at what it really means to be a star chef. []

* Rick’s picks. A look at Chef Rick Bayless’s (Topolobampo) personal garden. [Fox News]

* Bully for you. Chef Ferran Adria is casting for a French bulldog to represent his brand. [DesignWeek]

* Don’t count on your own calorie counts. You (Yes, you!) are underestimating how many calories you’re consuming. [CNN]

* Cleaning up the oil spill. The EU has overturned a ban on refillable olive oil jars on restaurant tables. [AFP]cl

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