10 Things You Need to Know About Top Chef Seattle Episode 9

This is the sight that awaits this week’s knife-packer.

More than a few folks I know have given up on watching Top Chef this season, but we’re going the distance, if only because there aren’t many episodes left.

1. Hey! It’s Bob Kramer. Whom I have never heard of. But apparently he’s a Master Bladesmith. I’m never sure who determines these things when they are contemporary distinctions, but, okay. Master Bladesmith!

2. The QFC is actually interesting this week as it involves real knife skills — sharpening, doing tournage, and taking down a rabbit.

3. If you ask 10 chefs how to sharpen a knife, you will get 10 different opinions.

4. John Tesar can turn potatoes like the seasoned pro he is, but it was not enough to carry his team of three.

5. Micah wins the QFC, which yields him a $4,000 knife and immunity.

John Tesar learns the hard way that the risotto curse is, as Courtney Stodden would say, really real.

6. The Elimination Challenge, unfortunately, is a rehash of dishes from seasons past involving memorable moments, but outside of Carla’s chicken pot pie, none of the dishes or the moments really ring a bell.

7. The judges then tease there will be a twist involving the most memorable moment from the current season. Which I find baffling because there really hasn’t been one.

8. There is a Top Chef risotto curse, and I’m sorry it cursed the talented John Tesar.

9. This week featured more dubious claims from Josie, this time as she asserts that she’s all about healthful eating choices. This reminds me of Vizzini’s “Inconceivable!” mantra in The Princess Bride. To quote Inigo Montoya, “I do not think it means what you think it means.”

10. I’m not sure who the guests are, but I’m really tired of hearing criticisms like, “This seems really timid!” from them. These folks need to spend some time behind the burner before they’re allowed to talk like that.


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