10 Things You Need to Know About Top Chef Seattle Episode 12

Despite growing up in a non-fried chicken household, Lizzie manages to make one of the better dishes in the Elimination Challenge.

The world has been righted — at least in one way. But, outside of that, we all observed how hard it is to make good fried chicken. That’s not entirely true, actually. Maybe if more of the cheftestants had actually attempted to make traditional fried chicken instead of, say, chicken cordon bleu? Anyway, here are some pertinent points. Spoilers ahead.

1. Josie’s response to Kristen’s leaving: “I feel heavy this morning.”

2. Mr. Katsuya Uechi (Katsuya) says, “Always think, ‘How do you make people who eat happy?'” I’m guessing by feeding them, but what do I know?

3. Just because Sheldon cooks Asian food does not mean he makes sushi. Jeez!

4. Josie says she throws sushi parties in which sushi is served on naked women. This does not sound at all sanitary.

A typically overly confident Josie serves fried chicken (on a banana leaf! Why?) to the judges.

5. Stefan finally wins a QFC, which, given the guest judge was from the City of Angels, was important to his LA cooking cred.

6. Josie says she’s from south Florida, which is considered the South. Josh doesn’t think it’s the South — and neither do I.

7. In an ominous scene, Stefan taught Josie how to say, “I’m going home,” in German.

8. Look for a chain of Wolfgang Cluck fried chicken restaurants to open in the future.

9. The LA chefs all made chicken breast, to which Wolfgang quipped, “It’s LA; there’s plastic surgery everywhere.”

10. The executives pulled the plug on The Josie Show. Let’s hope we don’t see it in syndication anytime soon.

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