10 Things You Need to Know About Top Chef Seattle Episode 10

“Josie, Daniel Larusso called. He’d like his headband back.”

This week’s episode featured one very hokey QFC — but a much cooler EC! In a precursor to restaurant wars, the cheftestants were asked to cook a dish that would represent their concept. I love this as it lets chefs cook their own food so that we can get to know them better. 

1. Josie made an “Asians represent!” remark that had everyone in the room rolling their eyes.

2. Padma refers to ginger as one of the most versatile and refreshing ingredients in the world. I’d give that distinction to citrus or mint. I don’t find ginger at all refreshing.

3. Micah used a P-word that I found inappropriate and disparaging. Who are this season’s editors? Are they trying to make us dislike everyone?

4. You can use an iSi canister for more than whipping cream. It’s a great way to infuse flavor through pressure in a brief amount of time, as demonstrated by Kristen.

5. Josie managed to work in a brag about her time as a football player, noting that she can “take a few hits.” If only she could take hints.

“Danny, tell us again about how Tom used to wear his hair.”

6. Danny Meyer of the Union Square Hospitality Group (Gramercy Tavern and many, many more!) was the guest judge and as Brooke correctly notes, “He’s a god of the restaurant world.”

7. Wolfgang Puck (Spago Beverly Hills) has 70 restaurants around the world. Seventy!

8. My personal fave Kuniko was back as the night’s most coveted sous chef.

9. Every week, I pray for the end of The Josie Show. And every week, I am disappointed. As I am sure everyone else is.

10. Next week’s restaurant wars part two pits Team Kristen with her contemporary French concept (and Brooke, Lizzie, and Josie on her team) against Team Sheldon with his urban Filipino concept (and Stefan and Josh backing him up; Micah would have been there, too — if there if there were any justice on this show).


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