Tweet of the Week: Being an OpenTable VIP Has Its Privileges!

If you’re not an OpenTable VIP (which you absolutely should be!), you should try dining out with one. As Rachel Skonik can attest via her tweet, it has its sweet rewards!

Tweet of the Week 04272012 Tweet of the Week: Being an OpenTable VIP Has Its Privileges!

7 Responses to “Tweet of the Week: Being an OpenTable VIP Has Its Privileges!”

  1. Kelley

    I’ve been an OpenTable VIP for years and have never gotten any freebies or other perks for being a VIP. :(

  2. Joey

    Could find a place for suggestions. One tip: it’s impossible to modify a reservation to add a comment without also changing the time. It should be possible, after clicking “modify”, to change only the ‘special requests’ field without also changing the time.

  3. Kelly P. Rowe

    I have been a VIP for years, have redeemed more than 20,000 dining points and have not one time been recognized by any restaurant as an OpenTable VIP.

    I have recommended more than once to OpenTable that they should do something to recognize their VIPs and work with restaurants to recognize it as well. So far, nothing.

    Good for you that someone paid attention.

  4. Mike

    Being a VIP is relatively useless. I make over 50 Opentable reservations per year and I get nothing special for doing so (other than a boatload of dining points).

  5. Nancy

    Also an Open Table VIP and have never received any special attention.

  6. Lori

    Seems like it’s very dependent on where you go. Unless OpenTable negotiates with all its dining partners to give preferential treatment to VIP members, you can’t really expect much.

  7. Kazura

    Just looked and found I as a VIP as well, but like the other posters, no special recognition.

    Are you sure you didn’t already have a relationship with the restaurant you went to? As that sounds way more likely than *just* being a VIP.

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