Trending on Recent OpenTable Restaurant Reviews: The Cheese Course

Forget Jell-O! There's always room for cheese!

For a time (a sad, dark time), many diners were accustomed to cheese as a snack that was wholly discrete from anything served at the dining table. Since cheese has claimed its rightful place on well-rounded menus, the cheese course has become a mainstay at restaruants, from those offering classic cheese carts or elaborate tasting menus as well as eateries serving a simple cheese plate as an appetizer or dessert. Find out where OpenTable diners are encountering dairy in its finest form (apologies to ice cream enthusiasts).

Acadia, Chicago, Illinois: “We had the six-course tasting menu with wine pairings. The course was a great mixture of flavors. One course was cheese and one dessert. Some of the dishes were so tasty I would have liked to have requested another.”

Afternoon Tea-The Fairmont Empress Hotel, Victoria, British Columbia: “This experience lived up to my expectations in every way. It is pricey, but well worth it. We had the Diamond Jubilee tea ($90 pp) which included a cheese course with honey from the Empress hives. The chef visited the table to explain about them.”

Bastille, Alexandria, Virginia: “We had the three-course prix fixe menu with cheese course and wine pairings. All the courses were exceptional and the ambiance (we sat outside) was great.”

Boka, Chicago, Illinois: “Cheese course in lieu of dessert was excellent, accompanied by perfect garnishes.”

* Comme Ca, West Hollywood, California: “What a great restaurant. This trip was for my 50th birthday, and the staff did everthing they could to make it great. When our entrees were running a bit behind, the manager came up with a complimentary cheese course, which is a sign of a great manager!”

Corbett’s Fine Dining, Louisville, Kentucky: “Cheese course for dessert… all perfectly ripened and a couple of cheeses one doesn’t see often in restaurants.”

Decca, Louisville, Kentucky: “So, still a tad hungry we shared coffee and the cheese plate. I have to say it was really, really good and was a great pairing of sweet and savory!”

DGBG, New York, New York: ” I highly recommend the (spicy!) bloody mary, “Frenchie” burger, and you must get a cheese course!”

Firefly, An American Bistro, Manasquan, New Jersey: “The chef sent out a cheese course as an amuse bouche, which was outstanding. It was not something that I normally would have ordered, but I loved it!”

Five Fifty-Five, Portland, Maine: “I had the scallops and mashed potatoes, which were also tasty, followed by the cheese course — a slice of goat cheese with apricot jam and honey — an unusual but perfect combination.”

L’Espalier, Boston, Massachusetts: “Some stand-outs were the excellent lobster, the watermelon amuse (infused with lavender and mint), and the cheese course (a specialty of the restaurant).”

* Marcel’s, Washington, D.C.: “We finished with the cheese course, which rounded out the meal quite nicely.”

Plume at the Jefferson Hotel, Washington, D.C.: “Highly recommend the Madeira tasting with the cheese course…it was a first for me, and a great experience.”

* Restaurant Lorena’s, Maplewood, New Jersey: ” If you have some red wine left, try the cheese course alongside the souffle. The best!”

Selkirk Grille-Heritage Park Historical Village, Calgary, Alberta: ” I enjoy a cheese course after dinner and this fit the bill. We appreciated the special touch when we were poured glasses of port gratis.”

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