Trending on Recent OpenTable Restaurant Reviews: Meat-Free Dining During Lent

I'm not sure if there's ever a good time to be a fish, but I think it's safe to say that Lent is definitely not one of those times.

Today is the Great American Meat Out, during which many people are giving up meat for the day — or forever! At the same time, Lent is going on. Many diners eschew meat on Fridays or altogether until Easter Sunday. Dining out for these folks can be a challenge, See what diners are saying about meat-free dining during Lent in select OpenTable reviews from the last seven days!

Eddie Merlot’s, Columbus, Ohio: “We especially love the Lent special this year with the change to two lobsters.”

Karyn’s on Green, Chicago, Illinois: “For two meat eaters, trying a vegan restaurant was quite an experience, but we should have never had any doubts! We went to Karyn’s on a Friday during Lent and were very happy with the food and will be returning in the future. The ‘chorizo sliders’ were delicious and had we not known they weren’t real sausage, we would have never been able to tell.”

Le Cirque, New York, New York: “Went on a Friday during Lent so only ate fish/seafood. No complaints about our selections, all were great! From grilled octopus to whole turbot fish.”

Macello, Chicago, Illinois:  “We were looking for a good place to have dinner before a Blackhawks game and found Macello. We had a great experience. Two of the four of us were observing Lent (no meat on friday) and one was following a low carb diet. All four of us had many great options to choose from.”

* McCormick & Schmick’s, Washington, D.C.: “It was perfect for us because one wanted corned beef and cabbage and two are not eating meat during Lent, so it was the perfect variety for us that day, and we all enjoyed our food very much.”

SUSHISAMBA park, New York, New York: “They had a nice menu to choose from, and I was pleasantly surprised about the fact that they had good sushi (I’m very picky about my sushi). I wish it wasn’t Lent, so that we could’ve tried everything on the menu! We’ll have to go back to try the taquitos, tacos, etc. with meat and fried items!”

* Trattoria Da Vinci, St. Paul, Minnesota: “The gnocchi was very good. My wife had the Gnocchi Di Patate with butter and sage. I had the same with the gorgonzola sauce. I was looking for a dish on a Friday evening during Lent without meat.”

Westport Cafe and Bar, Kansas City, Missouri: “A perfect choice for a Friday in Lent. A great array of seafood and veggie choices. Started with fresh and tasty shrimp and oysters.”

* The White Horse Tavern, Newport, Rhode Island: “We dined on a Friday evening during Lent and the restaurant offered a variety of specials that were of interest and we opted for the sword fish with lentils and spinach and it was absolutely fabulous and a very generous portion.”

* William Tell Restaurant, Countryside, Illinois: “We had out of town friends and family that love fresh seafood and due to Lent, we were pondering where to go-we saw it on OpenTable, tried it and had fabulous food and danced the rest of the night to the great trio in the lounge.”

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