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Curly kale is most often found in supermarkets, but Lacinato and Red Russian (pictured) are more popular with chefs.

Kale is a superfood, containing more anti-oxidants than Popeye’s beloved spinach. Once regarded as the food of health-nuts and old folks (at least by me, thanks to my Ukrainian grandmother’s ever-simmering, stinky pot of boiled kale), this member of the cabbage family is now revered by contemporary chefs for its diversity in texture and flavor profiles. Interesting facts about kale: It is frost tolerant, and it actually gets sweeter when harvested after the first frost of the season — meaning this ingredient is only going to get tastier and tastier as the months grow cooler! Find out what diners are saying about this good-for-your-body-and-palate vegetable.

Barbuzzo, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: “I especially enjoyed the goat cheese and beet salad. Kale, pistachios, and grapefruit slices gave this dish a new twist.”

Bistro Bella Vita, Grand Rapids, Michigan: “My wife had an equally delicious seafood bowl with smoked salmon, shrimp, scallop, over red rice with kale. Great food! Go!”

Five Points, New York, New York: “Every item on the menu sounded delectable, and the dishes we ordered were all terrific — two different kinds of oysters, black kale salad, and tilefish and chicken entrees.”

Herringbone, La Jolla, California: “The buttery fish was out of this world and the accompaniments — carrot and brown butter puree and kale — were perfect.”

The Hunt Club, Seattle, Washington: “I ordered an heirloom tomato salad and some sautéed kale — perfect for a light dinner on a hot summer evening.”

Karyn’s on Green, New York, New York: ” The two main courses we had were portobello steak and potatoes with wonderfully blended flavors, melt-in-your- mouth baby potates, and the great taste of kale; the chicken legs were the perfect texture with an incredible bar-b-que sauce.”

Log Haven, Salt Lake City, Utah: “I had the pan-seared scallops on top of pureed cauliflower with flash-fried kale. The scallops were perfectly cooked and seasoned, and the cauliflower balanced out the tasteful scallops — overall, a memorable experience!”

Mezzo, Gahanna, Ohio: “The chicken milanese was excellent, and the accompanying pasta and kale were done perfectly.”

Nick & Sam’s, Dallas, Texas: “The mandarin orange in the kale salad was awesome and balanced out the bitterness of the kale perfectly, while the sour vinaigrette dressing made the orange sweeter; great combination.”

* Pena Pachamama, San Francisco, California: “Great find — we loved the kale chips, buckwheat crackers with guacamole, salad, salmon, and the wonderful vegan chef’s plate.”

Red Feather Lounge, Boise, Idaho: “The roasted kale caesar salad was to die for, and the bacon, potato, and halloumi cheese pizza was delicious.”

* The Spence, Atlanta, Georgia: “The bone marrow, hamachi, and sweetbreads were the ultimate favorites. Porcini noodles, squid ink spaghetti, and kale caesar were amazing as well.”

Towne Food & Drink, Los Angeles, California: “We split the bass, lobster mac, and creamed kale. Each dish was unique and extremely tasty.”

* Vallozzi’s, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania: “The chestnut gnocchi in asiago and sage gravy melted in my mouth and was a perfect counterpoint for the braised kale.”

* West Bridge, Cambridge, Massachusetts: “Scallops came in next and either the duck liver or the black kale after that. Devra First (Boston GLOBE) is right; the blend of flavors in every dish is better than anything alone. Total absolute foodie delight!”



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