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Fava beans are super-easy to grow, but to peel? Not so much.

Fava beans are twice the work that other beans are — literally. You have to peel them two times! So, when I serve these straight out of the garden, I throw a peel-your-own-fava-beans cocktail party. I’m not even kidding. It seriously takes that much work to prep them, at least in the volume that we are able to harvest them. I still have nightmares about frantically peeling  them for service at L’Ecole! Thus, any time these green gems are on the menu at a restaurant, I always order them because I doubly appreciate the kitchen’s efforts. 

Aquarius-Dream Inn, Santa Cruz, California: ” Interesting food — whoever thought of a nutty mint-fava-pesto on wide noodles?”

Bistro Vendome, Denver, Colorado: “My husband had the special, Scottish salmon over pureed potatoes with corn and fava beans, that had an exquisite smokey flavor that was wonderful.”

Bistrot La Minette, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: “Love this place. The staff is always great with our well-behaved daughter who’s been coming here with us since she was two years old. Promises of the duck, rabbit, fava beans, bread, and, most importantly, the cassis sorbet excite her everytime we talk about Bistro la Minette. This is her, my wife’s, and my favorite restaurant.”

Camino, Oakland, California: “The egg, spring onion, farro, and fava dish was a plate of toasty spring.”

* Catalyst Restaurant, Cambridge, Massachusetts: “For an entree, I had the salmon which was some of the best salmon I have ever had; served over asparagus and fava beans and cooked perfectly.”

Cindy’s Backstreet Kitchen, St. Helena, California: “My friend and I split three things for dinner — the asparagus/fava beans, the curried chicken salad, and the tamale. All were a 10 — the flavors and textures perfect.”

Donato Enoteca, Redwood City, California: “Will return. Loved the fava bean salad.”

Gilt Bar, Chicago, Illinois: “I am happy to report that not only was our server excellent, but the food was also delightful. We shared the fava bean salad, which was our favorite dish, then moved onto our entrees.”

Gitane, San Francisco, California: “The food is creative and delicious and up to the highest standards of any foodie. I had the trout, which had amazing flavor, and fava greens with pinenuts, which was fab! And of course, a glass of Rioja.”

Hundred Acres, New York, New York: “First time here, and it won’t be the last. Had a relaxing and delicious brunch. Poached eggs over bread pudding with some fresh spinach leaves on one plate; scrambled eggs with fava beans, ramps, and creme fraiche on the other.”

Isa, Brooklyn, New York: “Porridge of barley and fava beans was excellent.”

* MK, Chicago, Illinois: “Quite possibly the best meal I have ever eaten. Oysters were as anticipated, and I ordered the veal tenderloin roast with fava beans, which was impeccably prepared, not over-seasoned and just the right temperature.”

* Manolo’s Restaurant, Elizabeth, New Jersey: “Although we love the menu standards, all three of us got ‘specials.’ Braised shortribs were tender and delicious, rack of veal cut into individual small chops and beautifully presented were scrumptious, and my grouper with kale, fava beans, and shrimp in a white garlic sauce to die for. The latter was a combination of several dishes on the menu that our favorite server had the kitchen put together for me.”

 * Rivoli, Berkeley, California: “We dined with a very particular group of diners: omnivores, vegatarians, and wine crumudgeons … the Rivoli staff and menu accomodated all of the above. All of the appetizers were a hit: mushroom fritters, the artichokes with fava beans, and pancetta and semolina gnocchi.”

Spiaggia, Chicago, Illinois: “I most enjoyed the diced raw veal loin with black truffle essence and fava beans. It was perfectly balanced and intense. We chose our meal by sampling as many antipasti and first courses as possible. Spiaggia paired our choices perfectly with wine, and our wait-person was fun and incredibly knowledgeable.”

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