Trending in Recent OpenTable Restaurant Reviews: Carrots

You can overwinter carrots and enjoy Bugs Bunny's favorite almost all year round!

Some wonderful friends have just moved back to New York after spending time in San Francisco, and we visited their new digs yesterday. On the wall was a list of restaurants they must try, and it included ABC Kitchen. I insisted they order ABC’s now-famous roasted carrot and avocado salad. As a result, I find myself craving carrots, so I thought I’d see what diners are saying about 14-karat carrot dishes!

ABC Kitchen, New York, New York: “The turkey sandwich, fries, hamburger, shrimp salad, crab sandwich, and carrot and avocado salads were all super yummy. All wholesome ingredients, surprising spices, crisp fresh bread, and fries; we would go back in a heartbeat.” [Ed. note: See what I mean about this salad?]

Acme, New York, New York: ” If they have carrots with lardo on the menu try it — fabulous.”

Affare, Kansas City, Missouri: “My wife started with the ravioli with a carrot puree. They were so good she didn’t want to share.”

Bread & Wine, Chicago, Illinois: “A great time. The food was excellent, from the cheese and charcuterie plate to the carrot fettucine, and the wine was great.”

Chart House, Annapolis, Maryland: “My wife and I went to the Chart House on Memorial Day. It was delicious! We started with some drinks and an app: ‘Calamari & Friends.’ The ‘friends’ were fried carrots and peppers.”

Final Cut Steakhouse, Kansas City, Kansas: “Sea bass and glazed carrots were melt-in-your-mouth good.”

* Five-O-Three, West Linn, Oregon: “I requested vegan food when I made the reservation, and we were told the soup of the day was a vegan curry-carrot, which was amazing. A very nice accommodation for a restaurant that doesn’t really have anything vegan on the menu but is willing to provide good options.”

* Flour Italian Kitchen, Moreland Hills, Ohio: “We began with a perfectly cooked scallop appetizer over a bed of carrot risotto. The most flavorful scallop we’ve ever had.”

* Le Comptoir, Williamsburg, New York: “The carrot and garlic soup was outstanding, and the rest of our meals were very good.”

* Mon Ami Gabi, Bethesda, Maryland: “We started with the delicious shredded carrot appetizer and our very own baguette.”

* Niche, St. Louis, Missouri: “Tried the tasting menu. It was great. Maple custard is just amazing. It is a set of unusual flavors and textures. The three kinds of carrots was equally inventive.”

Pump Room, Chicago, Illinois: “We were visiting from out of town and were excited to try the Pump Room since we had just been to and loved ABC Kitchen in NYC, another Jean Georges restaurant. We also tried the crab toast, chicken liver toast, kale salad, and carrot and avocado salad, which we loved. [Ed. note: Wait, this salad is served here, too? Yay!] We will definitely be returning to the Pump Room in the future.”

Red Sage, Santa Fe, New Mexico: “I fell in love with the purple potato and carrot gratin.”

* Square Peg, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: “Since I was coming to Philly for an extended weekend, Square Peg was on my short list of restaurants to try since the moment I heard of it. It did not disappoint. The grilled mac and cheese was excellent, as was my meatloaf and carrot cake sundae.”




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