Titanic Menu up for Auction; Restaurant Critic Reveals His Identity; What Food Woolf Eats to Fuel Up; Charlie Trotter’s Thoughtful Future; Sommeliers as Stars

Jack Dawson and friend Fabrizio rejoice at the news that roast beef is on the lunch menu.

Dining and food news…

* Steak your claim. Ladies, if you’re in the UK on February 29th, pop the question with a steak. Literally. [NewsLite]

* Iceberg lettuce, right ahead. A menu from the ill-fated Titanic is up for auction. [ThisIsWiltshire.co.uk]

* When cigarettes were on the menu. Did the notice read, “The consumption of cigarettes may increase your risk of death”? [Gothamist]

* Anonymous no more. Why Chicago Tribune restaurant critic unmasked himself to review Next. [Chicago Tribune]

* Fuel Woolf. How restaurant service expert Brooke Burton, aka Food Woolf, fuels up for long days on the job. [Food Woolf]

* Goodbye, knife kit. Hello, book bag. Charlie Trotter’s second act involves earning a Master’s in philosophy. [Washington Post]

* Pour some sugar on sommies. Wine gurus are becoming restaurant rock stars. [Wall Street Journal]

* It pays to be famous. Going on TV is really good for your culinary career. [Boston.com]

* Horse meat. Let’s hope it’s never what’s for dinner. [River Front Times]


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