Tipping in Restaurants: A Guide to OpenTable Diner Preferences

Area man fails to impress date with paltry tip.

In anticipation of Tax Day, I’ve got my mind on my money and money on my mind, as do all of you, I’m sure. And when I think about money, I usually think about dining checks and tipping. Here are some of your thoughts, according to OpenTable Dining Polls, on tipping:

Cash or credit? 52% of respondents prefer to leave a tip on a credit card instead of cash.

Pre-tax or post-tax tips? 55% tip on the post-tax amount of a restaurant bill, while 42% tip on the pre-tax total.

Are automatic gratuities fair? Nearly 40% feel that automatic gratuities aren’t fair to diners, but 45% feel they are fair, as long as they’re only for large parties and it’s made clear on the menu.

Should the rich and famous tip more? 27% of respondents believe so. 52% think that while celebs and the wealthy should leave an appropriate tip, they shouldn’t be expected to leave an exorbitant tip.

Do you tip more if a restaurant comps part of your meal? 40% absolutely do, while 27% indicated they don’t if an item was comp’d to make up for a mistake or poor service.

Do you find that determining a fair tip is a hassle or do you have a standard tip percentage that you leave for all acceptable service? Share your thoughts on tipping here or over on Facebook.


  1. Sally Van Dyke says

    I tip on the pre-tax amount; about half the time I leave cash for the tip. I tip between 15-20% depending on service. If service is very bad, I leave a very small tip, but that happens rarely.

    Automatic gratuities are fine for larger groups, but even though the menu usually specifies that the tip will be added, it would be nice if the server reminded the customer when they bring the check. More than once I have double tipped because I forgot in the confusion of everyone getting ready to leave the table. It would also be nice if the server would point out the double tipping…it would go a long way in them getting a good tip the next time.

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