OpenTable Releases New Electronic Reservation Book + iPad App for Restaurants

[singlepic id=21 w=400 h=300 float=right]We’re pleased to announce the latest version of our Electronic Reservation Book, which incorporates an API that provides the platform for the new iPad app and browser-based remote access products.

Version 10.0 offers a number of feature enhancements including intelligent waitlist functionality that significantly improves the accuracy of quoted wait times.  In addition, both the optional “OpenTable Manager for iPad” and “OpenTable Remote Manager” products enable anytime, anywhere access to the Electronic Reservation Book, making it easy for restaurateurs to monitor their reservation book, status tables, update guest records, and view performance metrics from wherever they are.

“With all of our restaurant product offerings, the goal is to help our customers increase their operational efficiency and profitability,” said our own Matt Roberts, Chief Executive Officer of OpenTable.  “We built version 10.0 with this objective in mind and believe the added level of control the system provides will help restaurateurs better serve their guests by making it more efficient for them to manage their front-of-house operations, whether they’re on- or off-site.”

“OpenTable continues to help us optimize our operations and our guests love using it,” said Daniel Goodman, Director of Development at Mercadito Hospitality. “Version 10.0 has added great functionality to the waitlist feature which has improved accuracy in wait time quotes. And the new iPad option allows for greater flexibility. We are now able to status tables from the floor in real-time which has increased our ability to turn tables more efficiently. This update is just another sign of the continued improvement of the OpenTable solution. We are looking forward to seeing what comes next.”


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