Lunch Break: Meet OpenTable Employee … Tori Tsu

[singlepic id=19 w=300 h=400 float=right]As you may have guessed, OpenTable is a company of foodies. It’s also a pretty terrific place to work! Each week, you’ll meet another OpenTable employee and find out some of their food faves — and discover their answers to one of life’s eternal questions: “What’s for lunch?” Click image for larger view.

Name: Tori Tsu

Hometown: Menlo Park, California

Job Title: Associate Marketing Manager

What that means that I do at OpenTable: Consumer marketing, holidays, promos

Years at OpenTable: 1.5 +

I have worked in a restaurant as a: Hostess, wine attendant.

The food that I can’t live without: Really good bread.

The one food I’ll never try: nattō.

My go-to drink or cocktail: Bourbon, neat.

The delicious dessert I refuse to share: Pot de crème.

My favorite thing about dining out is: not doing dishes.

If bone marrow is on a restaurant’s menu, I almost always order it.

My last best restaurant meal was at: traif or PT in Brooklyn.

The restaurant I am a regular at: nopa in San Francisco.

The restaurant I would have prepare my last meal ever: Does my mom’s kitchen count?

My most memorable dining experience of all time is: a three-way tie — Comerç 24 in Barcelona, Enoteca Pinchiorri in Florence, and The French Laundry.

My favorite dining companion(s): Cole Simmons, my family.

My dream celebrity dinner date: Ryan Gosling!

Dining destinations on my must-visit list include: Per Se, Alinea, El Bulli (pre-2011).

PS: What’s for lunch? Kale salad.

Check back next week to meet another OpenTable employee!


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    I can’t figure out how to leave a suggestion, but it would be soooo great if the maps on Open Table would reflect the neighborhoods available to be selected. Especially when in a new town, I don’t know how to select neighborhoods from the list as I often don’t know the name of the neighborhood in which the hotel is located, or the name I have been given doesn’t align with the choices Open Table provides. Hope you can pass this on.

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