Have Your Turkey and Eat It (the Next Day), Too at Tria Restaurant in Minnesota

You enjoy Chef Brian Bossert’s Thanksgiving specials at Tria — and at home!

Dining out on Thanksgiving has always seemed like a no-brainer to us – no shopping, no cooking, no cleaning, and no dishes. But, some folks don’t want to hit the easy button for one reason – no leftovers. Thankfully, restaurants have heard your cries for next-day turkey sammies, and some are now offering leftovers to go.

Tria Restaurant in North Oaks, Minnesota, will be serving traditional Thanksgiving favorites, plus, they are offering turkey leftovers to take home. Guests wanting to honor the day-after Thanksgiving tradition of turkey sandwiches can purchase Tria’s to-go package. It includes cranberries, dressing, turkey, and buns – enough for six sandwiches, all for only $15. “There’s nothing better than a turkey sandwich,” notes Chef Bossert. “I grew up with day-after, cold turkey rolled in lefse (a Swedish flatbread). Lefse is almost like a tortilla except it’s made out of potatoes. My sister in Oakland just made 80 pieces for herself and to share with friends!”

Chef Brian Bossert and his staff expect to serve 300 celebrants this Thursday, and he says while many will order turkey, a bunch won’t. “Last year, more than 100 people had something other than turkey. The sea bass was a very big seller!” Tria’s popular three-course, prix-fixe Thanksgiving special menu includes something for everyone. Diners can choose from autumn bisque, roasted beet salad, spinach salad, or Caesar salad, followed by a choice of entrée, including turkey, green bean casserole, cranberries, mashed potato, and dressing, as well as prime rib, filet mignon, lamb sirloin, salmon, or the sea bass, and desserts including pumpkin pie, chocolate pecan pie or Tria’s signature chomeur pudding.

After serving hundreds of hungry diners, will Chef Bossert get to eat Thanksgiving dinner? “My mom asked if I was going to come over. I will, but I told her not to hold dinner for me. On Friday, I’ll have my turkey sandwich rolled in lefse.”

Tria will be open from 11AM to 6PM on Thanksgiving. Reserve your table – and don’t forget the leftovers-to-go!

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