Dining Poll: Who Pays When You Visit a Restaurant With Your Parents?

Dining out is often a family affair. It’s better than getting together for a home-cooked meal in many ways, from the fact that most chefs are better cooks than you are to the benefit of completely avoiding dirty dishes. But when you’re dining out with your parents, who usually picks up the check? Do the parentals push your hand away and scoop up the check? Or do you prefer to step up and treat your folks? Weigh in on today’s dining poll!


  1. deter colemack says

    Given the fact that I see my in laws very seldomly…I feel that it’s the right thing to do:)

  2. Phillip Morris says

    Honestly, I think when you are over the age of 30 years old (OR a 22+ year old college graduate with a excellent career/income; it is about time in life for you to show some real appreciation for ALL your parents have done for you to get you where and who you are as the man/woman of today in society (K – 12 grade living expenses, college, Christmas gifts, birthday gifts, allowance/pocket money, ETC, ETC, ETC…); you can start “giving back” to your parents (screw the community – your parents come first) as a token of appreciation for all they have done. YOU can NEVER pay them back in 40 lifetimes, so break down and let the moths out the wallet/purse and pick up the check for your parents ESPECIALLY if YOU invited them out to dinner -you probably do for your “so called” friends (who NEVER would for you! To ALL: Growing old is mandatory; growing up is optional – for many (LOSERS)!

  3. Wes says

    Does anyone know of any studies done on this topic, especially on how different countries or cultures compare? I’m especially interested in the difference between Western and Eastern cultures and when kids start to pay for their parents, if/when they do.

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