Dining Poll: What Do You Do When a Crying Child Threatens to Ruin Your Meal?

It’s happened to almost all of us. You’ve settled in at a restaurant to enjoy a nice meal and some quality conversation with a friend or loved one. And then a child cries. And cries. And keeps on crying. What do you do when the tears keep flowing — and the parents exhibit no signs of going? Weigh in on today’s poll!


  1. Reggie says

    Our children went out with my wife and I and we taught them how to behave in a restaurant. Today’s older parents just haven’t taken the time to do this in our current times.

    So, the solution is to request a table that is away from any potential “family tables” that are reserved or booked for the evening. This won’t completely resolve the problem, but it’s much better than watching kids spinning all over the floor because their new IPad game isn’t working (yes IPad!!! are you joking). If you’re just dropping in without a pre-planned reservation, by all means EAT AT THE BAR. Bartenders know what’s good and are much better at helping you with selections etcetera. At least families haven’t invaded the bar…..yet.

    And another thing, keep those humongous strollers parked outside or leave them in the car. Make em walk!

  2. deter colemack says

    Nothing like the good ol days when dining out was supposed to be nice and qiet intimate dinner between two adults!!!

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