Dining Poll: Is California Doing the Right — or Wrong — Thing in Banning Foie Gras?

On July 1, 2012, the state of California will ban the sale of foie gras products. As you may imagine, many chefs are outraged, animal-rights activists are overjoyed, and diners are caught in the crosshairs. What are your thoughts on the controversial ban of this controversial ingredient? Weigh in on today’s poll!



  1. Stephanie Seitz says

    Yes, I am very excited to hear about CA banning Foie Cras! After watching Earthlings and finding out that the liver is actually a diseased liver, well I couldnt do anything but campaign against the horrible treatment these birds face.

  2. Lis says

    I am not surprised that the yes vote to ban it is winning, however I am shocked to see how many actually said no! I thought we were becoming a more civilized, health conscious, and aware society?

  3. Susan Kurcz-Easom says

    It is cruel to force feed the birds. I do not want to eat a fatty liver especially when it is diseased and nobody should. The sale of so called foie gras should be banned in all states!

  4. says

    Banning foie gras is a great step forward for California from both an animal rights and culinary arts standpoint. Unfortunately, the opposition that exists to this move doesn’t seem to grasp this point and is instead focused on battling any sort of government imposition into their diets, etc. It’s sad that even an obviously well-intentioned move like this one has been pulled into the political circus tent.

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