1. Ryan says

    All for it for large parties. However, I don’t like having it automatically added. I think the consumer should be the one who is in charge of how much the waitress/waiter receives (this also assumes a perfect world where everyone tips). To me, I am less likely to tip more than normal if a tip is included in the charge.

    Including tips in the charge is OK for consistent exceptional service. But it needs to be just that, above and beyond and/or consistent. So in the end, there’s a lot of caveats I feel.

  2. SallyV says

    In general, I want to be able to decide if and how much to tip and that totally depends on the service. I’m fine with automatic tipping for large parties (8 and more), but I feel I should also have the option of reducing the tip if the service was sub-standard.

  3. Joanne says

    There are people that do not a have clue on proper tipping ettiquette so if there is a large party it should be automatic but customers should be informed for sure. Sometimes customers do not read what they sign although should read everything they sign first. It’s just to be fair if you are being charged automatically for the tip it should you should be informed. Being shady just may bite you in the rear!

  4. Patti says

    Went to Michael Jordon’s steakhouse for X-mas lunch, party of 6, and at no time did anyone mention that the gratuity would be added. The Boss is a generous tipper and was about to tip an additional $80 on to the already billed $65. Outrageous!

  5. Daniel says

    Although most individuals would agree it should be up to the guest whether gratuity is added or not, I must say it makes for a great excuse of many to not offer a gratuity or a very small one.

    Heres a bit of an education, servers and bartenders in our country make around $3.65 per hour and when a check is given every week or every two weeks they are normally voided because taxes take the hourly wage. SO, servers and bartenders truly do live by tips and tips alone. Would you like it if you boss came up to you and said great job, heres your check and oh by the way I shortened your pay, but with no explanation? I think this wouldn’t work for most people.

    Just keep this in mind when you dine out or have a drink somewhere, if the service is good gratuity should be somewhere between 18-20%, if you leave less you are telling that employee that something was wrong with the service. REMEMBER, treat others the way you would be treated, if you were a bartender or server would you like to make 20% for a job well done or 15% or less?

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