Dining Poll: Does Your Resume Include a Restaurant Job?

At OpenTable, we’re passionate about restaurants, and it’s not just because we enjoy dining out. Many of the people who work here have worked at restaurants before joining OpenTable. Have you spent time behind the line or working front of house? Weigh in on today’s poll!


  1. Jeff Marshall says

    Growing up in Central vermont I found however rough the going got if I was willing to work hard there was always jobs available in restaurants

  2. says

    As a teenager I worked at Howard Johnson restuarants located on the Pa. turnpike. $0.55cts/hr plus tips. Very busy weekends.Gave me a new respect for any type of food service job.

  3. Morticia says

    I worked in restaurants at several summer resorts while in college. One summer I was on Mackinac Island, Michigan, another time in the Black Hills of South Dakota and also on Block Island, Rhode Island. The first two were great, the last one, less so. What I liked best was living in dorms with college kids from around the US and a few foreign students, made some good friends. The work was always busy but was fun. When I dine out, I know how hard the staff is working and I try to be an agreeable customer and tip well. 95% of customers are great, but its the 5% jerks that would ruin your day.


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