1. says

    Unless something happened that I don’t have enough cash, I ALWAYS leave a cash tip. Tip on a credit card sucks, especially for the staff because a portion is going to get chopped out by the restaurant to cover the processing fee. That’s not fair to the staff, especially the waiter/waitress that is depending on the tips and has provided good service. (While we’re at it, I almost never tip below 20% unless the service was horrible or just plain OK.) If you do tip on a credit card, you should give more to make up for the fee getting taken out.

  2. Stephanie says

    Servers always prefer to be tipped in cash, and it also helps reduce your credit card bill. You would be surprised how much lower it is by putting the meal on the credit card, and then tipping in cash.

  3. Chrystin Pleasants says

    I’ve recently become aware that there seems to be a problem with the server actually receiving the tips left for them, being able to confirm what their total tips are, and receiving credit tips in a timely manner; therefore, I now try to leave cash whenever I can. It brings my points down somewhat on my cards, and other loyalty programs, but I believe it’s better to give the money directly to the server. Note that I actually hand the credit card receipt and cash directly to the server to make sure they really do get it, never, ever just leave on the table.

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