And, the Next OpenTable ‘My Foodie Valentine’ Dinner for Two Giveaway Goes to…

Of the pho-sanity photo, Steve writes, "A great foodie moment for me and now for the world to see!"

On behalf of everyone at OpenTable, congratulations to Steven Oh of Torrance, California on being another lucky winner of the OpenTable ‘My Foodie Valentine’ Dinner for Two Giveaway. Steven, pictured here with his friend Rob, will receive a $200 AMEX or Capital One gift card to help him celebrate Valentine’s Day!

Of his “What the heck is happening here?” photo, Steve says, “The background story on the pic is that my friend Rob and I were pretty happily drunk at 2AM in Koreatown and had a craving for some good hangover food, which, of course, called for pho! Guess we were pretty hungry (and drunk) cause it turned into a “Who could top who?” battle. Rob put bean sprouts in his mouth, I bit down on a bunch of jalapenos, he grabbed for the hoisin sauce, so I immediately grabbed for the sriracha, and then I grabbed my chop stick and was in mid-whipping status when a friend caught the moment.” This is what one might call pho-sanity!

Stay tuned as we announce our final winner our giveaway.

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